TPE|TPR pellets clumping treatment

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TPE|TPR pellets clumping treatment

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  • Time of issue:2022-02-15
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A clumping problem

  The hot summer is here, today we received another unfamiliar customer, consulting TPE, TPR pellets clumping adhesion, there is no good way to deal with. The customer said he bought the material in the plastic market, and asked the supplier not to give an effective solution, so he searched on the Internet and found us. See if we can solve this difficult problem for them.

  Now it is a packet of material knotted into a board, it is impossible to disperse by hand. The customer does not have a crusher, and cutting by hand with a knife is too slow, and the size of the cut block is too large to be disposed of. The customer asked me if there was any effective way to deal with it.

  The effective way to deal with TPR pellet clumping

  To be honest, I have only recently updated my mind information base, through some information in my own mind, plus some of their own relationship association. It occurred to me that hot melt glue is formed by melting while heating and then cooling to form a bond.

  TPE|TPR particles clumping, and the principle of hot melt glue is actually somewhat similar. Since the lumping state is maintained in the summer of 40~50 degrees, if the temperature is higher, will the softening oil that causes the lumping start to flow. I suggested the customer to bake the lumped material in the oven with the intention of trying it out. The baking time is 1~2 hours and the temperature is 70~80 degrees.

  I could hear the customer's reaction at the other end, which was a bit half-hearted, but there was finally a straw. So the customer said, "Okay, let's try it here. Unexpectedly, the customer said to me after two hours that after baking, the material was dispersed, and it was good to put down the material, so I was really grateful. He also said that he would look for our company next time.

  Practice seems to prove that my theoretical idea is feasible.

  In summer, TPE|TPR pellets are lumpy, put the whole package of particles in the oven and bake. It can effectively solve the problem of TPR pellets clumping.

  Three TPE|TPR pellets clumping causes analysis

  After finding the effective solution, we will talk about the reasons for the clumping and sticking of TPE/TPR transparent material. According to the communication with the project, plastic Bo organized the following factors: 1.

  1. oil filling time is not enough to start the production of mixed materials, oil precipitation easily lead to adhesion.

  2. The particles are not sufficiently cooled before packing. Temperature has not been cooled down, it began to pack, the surface of the particles at this time is still relatively sticky, in the packaging bag extrusion stacked together, it is easy to occur sticky link block.

  Four measures to prevent TPE/TPR pellets caking

  1. Fully oiled and then mixed with granulation.

  2. Sufficient cooling after pelletizing. It is recommended that the surface temperature of the pellets should be below 30 before packing.

  V. Related matters of note

  Generally, transparent TPR with SBS base material is more prone to agglomeration than transparent TPE with SEBS base material because SBS is not as oil-locking as SEBS.

  2. In the hot summer, TPE/TPR injection molding factory should pay attention to the material particles (especially TPR transparent material) in a cool place for storage, if possible to open air conditioning. Once the particles appear caking phenomenon, if the amount is small, use manual separation, large amount can use equipment mixing separation method, or oven baking treatment. The products produced (especially TPR material), each finished product should not be stored in direct contact with the packaging, and should not be stored in piles, so as not to affect the quality of the product adhesion.

  3. TPR products (such as toys) should pay attention to the possible temperature of the container when exporting (the temperature of the container will gradually rise due to the accumulation of heat during the transportation of goods, sometimes it may reach 60~70), take precautions, and if necessary, you can use insulation cabinets.

  4. In the summer, the general hardness of TPR below 50A is prone to particle clumping and adhesion, and TPE below 20A is prone to particle clumping.

  5. For opaque TPR material may appear particle clumping problem, can be mixed with a certain anti-adhesive agent before the particle packaging, to improve the clumping problem.

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