How much is TPE,TPR per ton? The reason for the big price difference analysis

  • Time of issue:2022-02-15
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How much is TPE,TPR per ton? The reason for the big price difference analysis

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  • Time of issue:2022-02-15
  • Views:707

Now is the era of Internet e-commerce, Alibaba listed successfully in the United States, Ma Yun successfully became the richest man in the mainland. To be honest, Alibaba has driven a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises, to help us sell their own home products online, giving us a lot of convenience, buying things or selling things become very simple things, as long as you have a computer at home to buy online, at home waiting for the express delivery to your door, breaking a decade ago, to buy the same thing need to run to the market, or wholesale city and so on.

  The price information on the Internet is transparent, and a search on the Internet can find out the price of similar products, and the price of each manufacturer is marked on it. As thermoplastic elastomer industry, many manufacturers have also done online sales ,,,, Zhejiang Suna the most manufacturers in the area. Plastic Bo is also a person who does online sales, a customer found us online and asked how much a ton of TPE material? Different characteristics of TPE material prices will be different, each manufacturer of TPE material will also be different.

  The price of TPE is influenced by common TPE, but also special TPE (such as flame retardant grade, food grade, high abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, etc.), TPE material specific gravity size (other fillers, the more fillers, the lower the price), whether new or recycled material (there are some bad manufacturers to buy recycled material and then generate TPE particles, when the new material sold), TPE material color (high transparent > transparent > color > black), hardness (0A-120A), SEBS base material price increases are closely related. There are also different formulations of each manufacturer, labor costs are different, resulting in different prices on the Internet, you can refer to the published prices on the Internet.

  There are some particularly low prices of TPE materials on the Internet, some as low as 7000 yuan / ton, this we do not criticize whether he is new or recycled material, take our manufacturers, also do this TPE material, but this material is generally used in products that do not require, for example, to do TPR shoe sole material, the price is very cheap. Some do not know much about the industry procurement, do not know their product requirements, to purchase some cheap materials back, found to do the requirements simply can not reach the desired effect, a waste of money and time, delayed delivery date, and even cause factory losses.

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