Application and requirements of TPE TPU in drag chain line

  • Time of issue:2022-02-15
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Application and requirements of TPE TPU in drag chain line

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  • Time of issue:2022-02-15
  • Views:532

In life and production, we see many tools, many more specialized equipment above production, we may have a very clear understanding of these things, but more often than not we lack a clear understanding of many machines or tools. For example, we are going to discuss today the drag chain cable, we will focus on its basic overview and its use, so that we know it very well.

  Drag chain cables are mainly used in.

  Industrial electronic systems, automatic line generation, storage equipment, robotics, fire fighting systems, cranes, CNC machines and metallurgical industries.

  In the case of equipment units that need to move back and forth, in order to prevent the cable from tangling, abrasion, pulling, hanging and falling apart, the cable is usually placed in a cable drag chain to protect the cable, the cable can also be moved backwards and dragged, this kind of highly flexible special cable can follow the drag chain to move back and forth without easy wear and tear is called drag chain cable, usually can also be called dragging cable, tank chain cable.

  The use of the drag chain cable

  I. Drag chain cable is used to integrate the wiring in the family unit. Because of its collective function, drag chain cable is often used to centralize lines in dense lines, so it is less confusing and easier to control and handle.

  Second, drag chain cables are often used in production lines. Because drag chain cable is safe, it has been widely used in production. It can solve the problem of safety hazards in production many times and make production safe.

  Third, the drag chain cable is also used for fire prevention, because the drag chain cable is wear-resistant, so it is more convenient to operate.

  Drag chain cable requirements.

  I. Conductor: In order to ensure that the wires and cables in the drag chain can move back and forth, the conductor should have flexibility and resistance to bending. Generally speaking, the thinner the conductor, the softer the conductor, the better its flexibility, but too thin. Will occur cable winding phenomenon; conductor should also have a strong mechanical fatigue resistance. After years of research and development and practice, according to the use of the environment, choose a reasonable combination of programs, the general conductor cross-sectional area of 0.10 ~ 0.15 ~ 0.20mm2 of oxygen-free bare copper conductors.

  Second, insulation: in order to more effectively protect the core conductor of the drag chain wire and cable, insulation materials should also have a strong resistance to mechanical fatigue strength. Therefore, the insulation material has a certain degree of hardness, usually used for cable insulation materials with high strength TPE, TPU and other materials.

  In order to ensure the normal use of wire and cable in the drag chain, wire and cable for drag chain are selected after layers of selection of conductor, insulation and sheath materials. It is necessary to ensure the flexibility of the wire and cable and the toughness of the wire and cable. Only medium-thick conductors and medium-hard materials can extend the service life of wires and cables.

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