TPE,TPR environmental protection materials have been used in the simulation of plastic plant flower products

  • Time of issue:2022-02-15
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TPE,TPR environmental protection materials have been used in the simulation of plastic plant flower products

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  • Time of issue:2022-02-15
  • Views:645

Simulation of plastic plants long service life, do not need to take care of, compared to most green plants, can be said to be "four seasons evergreen". Can be decorated in offices, restaurants, hotels, hotels, indoor homes and other places. Simulation of plastic plants, usually with plastic raw materials to PE, EVA, soft PVC-based. PVC because of the smell, the current application in the indoor environment is restricted PE, EVA is often used in plastic flowers, simulation of plant rattan and so on.

  In recent years, TPE, TPR soft rubber material also began to be used in the simulation of plastic plants. tpe, tpr characteristics are more soft and heavy texture, suitable for some leaves and petals size thicker simulation of plants. tpe, tpr touch than PE is also more soft (PE hardness is higher), can produce more realistic plastic plants.

  Our latest TPE adhesive material can be applied to the simulation of plastic flowers, with the following characteristics.

  (1) to make up for the current simulation flower material (PP/PE/EVA/POE.) soft hardness, texture single. For different parts of the application of different hardness, elasticity, surface texture to obtain a higher degree of simulation. Such as petals using 60A, leaves 45A, branches and trunks 90A.

  2) Diversified choice of surface effects (such as wetness, glossy surface, matte surface)

  3)Diverse choices of tactile effects (such as silky, dry, drapey) with outstanding simulation effects.

  (4) can be formed alone, and PP/PE/EVA material two-color package.

  5) High toughness, low temperature (-40) is not easy to brittle.

  (6) UV resistance, high light stability.

  7)Can be sprayed oil (water-based, oil-based can be), screen printing, gluing and other post-processing.

  8) Can pass ROHS, EN71-3, DOP free, PAHS free, FDA 177.2600 water-based test and VOC volatile test, in line with the environmental requirements of European and American simulation flower products.

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