What can TPE/TPR soft rubber materials be used for?

  • Time of issue:2022-01-08
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What can TPE/TPR soft rubber materials be used for?

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  • Time of issue:2022-01-08
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How to choose the right thermoplastic elastomer TPE/TPR soft rubber material? It depends on the product requirements (performance, environmental protection), the user's existing production status, cost considerations, etc.! Existing equipment direct injection or extrusion, consider the need for material recycling, consider other soft rubber materials in addition to silicone.

  1. soft rubber of the package class, usually choose TPE, TPR, special requirements optional PVC, TPV or silicone.

  2. Seal products, optional soft rubber materials are TPE, PVC, TPV, etc., according to the detailed requirements of customers to determine.

  3. soft rubber for toys, usually choose TPE, TPR (consider environmental protection), followed by environmentally friendly PVC (no plasticizer).

  4. soft rubber material with temperature resistance requirement above 100℃, it is recommended to choose TPV.

  5. food-grade requirements of soft rubber materials, choose silicone or TPE, TPR, TPU.

  6. Only consider the soft touch, the material strength (such as tensile, abrasion resistance, tear resistance) does not have high requirements, you can consider EVA, POE, or PVC.

  7. elasticity, wear resistance requirements of good soft rubber products, it is recommended to use TPE, TPR, TPU, TPV class, the specific needs of the product requirements to subdivision to choose the right kind.

  8. low temperature resistance, environmental protection does not contain plasticizers, SVHC does not contain substances of high concern soft rubber products, it is recommended not to consider using PVC soft rubber.

  9. For soft rubber products with high hardness (more than 80A), high elasticity and high abrasion resistance, it is recommended to use TPU type soft rubber.

  10. low hardness, good elasticity of soft rubber, can choose silicone, can also be selected for the customization of TPE soft rubber.

  11. For soft rubber products with high requirements of solvent resistance (such as mineral oil, pesticide, lubricant, etc.), it is recommended to choose TPV with better oil resistance.

  12. soft rubber products with very soft hardness (less than 30A), need to consider PVC or TPE, TPR or silicone, and then according to other requirements to confirm the appropriate material.

  13. Soft rubber products that need to consider comfortable and non-slip touch, first consider TPE or TPR.

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