TPE,TPR raw materials can pass FDA food grade and LFGB olive oil in Germany.

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TPE,TPR raw materials can pass FDA food grade and LFGB olive oil in Germany.

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  • Time of issue:2022-01-08
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TPE refers to SBS and SEBS as the base material of the modified styrene thermoplastic elastomer blend.

  In addition to conventional applications, they are also used in the food, baby and household products industry. For these products, generally require food-grade requirements, for TPE materials, food-grade TPE mainly refers to the German LFGB olive oil TPE, the U.S. FDA 21CFR177.1810 and FDA21CFR177.2600 testing standards, both olive oil TPE alcohol and n-hexane test.

  For the current TPE to pass the German LFGB olive oil test or more difficult LFGB and other food-grade test is different is that LFGB for plastic products testing requirements are more comprehensive the test will be divided into different plastic materials: PC, PVC, PE, etc., different types of materials in accordance with different test standards, the experimental results are more standard. In addition, in addition to doing a comprehensive migration test as follows.

  1. Initial inspection of samples and materials

  2. Sensory evaluation of odor and taste transfer

  3. Plastic samples: test for metastable components and precipitable heavy metals

  4. Metals: composition and precipitable heavy metal testing

  5. Silicones: testing of metastable or volatile organic compounds

  6. Special materials: chemical hazard testing according to the German Chemical Act

  Also need to do additional.

  1position (toxic and hazardous components)

  2. sensorytest (sensory test)

  It is because the LFGB test requirements are more stringent than those of other countries, so the LFGB test report is equally recognized in other countries. The products with knife and fork mark enjoy high reputation in the eyes of EU consumers, and the price is relatively higher compared with similar products.

  In general: there are not many TPE materials that can pass the olive oil test and the hardness of the product must be above 70 degrees, and the price of passing this kind of food grade test is also relatively high, about 40,000-60,000 yuan/ton, mainly according to your physical requirements to determine!

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