The application of TPE,TPR soft rubber environmental protection material in the toy industry is becoming more and more common

  • Time of issue:2022-02-15
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The application of TPE,TPR soft rubber environmental protection material in the toy industry is becoming more and more common

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  • Time of issue:2022-02-15
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TPE,TPR soft rubber materials are increasingly common in the toy industry. In the field of toys, the traditional soft PVC materials, TPR materials are winning the proximity and trust of consumers by virtue of their excellent environmental safety and non-toxic characteristics. Each industry has its own standards, and in the case of the toy industry, there are also specific industry standards. Moreover, different toy products, the physical properties of TPR soft rubber material and processing performance have different requirements.

  TPR is actually an extension of the soft PVC resin, but because of the compression deformation has been greatly improved, thus forming a rubber-like PVC. this TPVC can be regarded as a modified product of PVC and rubber substitutes, in the toy industry, TPR instead of PVC has also formed a trend, excellent environmental safety and non-toxic properties also make this replacement speed more and more obvious.

  1、Environmental performance

  Although most of the TPR material environmental characteristics are in line with ROHS and EN71-3 test standards, but different countries or regions for toy products test standards or differences. Some requirements do not contain PAHs polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, do not contain NP (nonyl phenol), etc., some requirements do not contain the SVHC high concern substances under REACH. This requires in the mixing of TPR rubber, fully take into account the environmental requirements of this area!

  2、Excellent color matching performance

  Soft rubber toy products are mostly bright and diverse colors, for TPR material color matching has high requirements. A qualified TPR grade, should have a good color powder colorant diffusion performance and facilitate the color powder can be better coloring, to achieve the color as bright as possible, color uniform color matching effect!

  3、Good oil spraying and painting screen printing performance

  Most of the toy products have the requirement of oil spraying and painting screen printing. To obtain excellent oil spraying screen printing effect (paint sprayed on without falling off), TPR rubber and ink paint match is very important, should be based on the characteristics of TPR to choose the right paint ink.

  4、Cracking resistance of soft toys

  For some soft toys with very soft hardness, attention should be paid to the selection of suitable TPR materials to prevent cracking after processing of the products. In addition, through the optimization of the molding process to improve, reduce the stress shrinkage caused by cracking!

  5、Other requirements of elasticity

  Some toy products have high requirements for tensile and tear resistance, while some toy products have good requirements for resilience and so on. In short, the most suitable TPR material should be provided according to the specific requirements of customers.

  6、Good molding and processing performance

  TPR material has moderate fluidity, easy molding and processing, injection molding temperature 170~190℃, not easy to appear shrinkage and burr and other molding appearance problems.

  TPR doll material products with SBS as the main base material should be strictly controlled process, it is better not to use high-speed mixing barrel with horizontal mixing will be better, and the time should not be too long. Processing temperature in general, try to control the low temperature, shear section 180 degrees, the latter sections of 160 degrees is sufficient, more than 200 degrees in general SBS easy aging, the smell will also aggravate a lot. Do out of the TPR material grain to make it as soon as possible to cool, the smell evaporated out, in the packet to ensure that there is no most of the heat. The current price of PVC in the toy industry is about 11 yuan a kilogram, while the mainstream price of TPR in the toy industry is 18 to 22 yuan / kg, the specific gravity of PVC in 1.2 to 1.4, the specific gravity of TPR in 0.9 to 1.1. so from the cost considerations, TPR materials in addition to the natural advantages of environmental protection, but is not as inexpensive as PVC, but why more and more people choose TPR material, you know!

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