Why has PVC been replaced by TPE material?

  • Time of issue:2021-12-24
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Why has PVC been replaced by TPE material?

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  • Time of issue:2021-12-24
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PVC material used to be the main raw material of rubber industry, but with the progress of society, the market is gradually replaced by TPE material, why is there such a problem? Why TPE produced products will meet the needs of the market, loved by the majority of the audience, today Plastic Bo Plastic Bo to share with you the advantages of TPE and the scope of application.

  A. Advantages

  1, and hard rubber ABS, PC, PC/ABS, PA6, PA66 and other adhesion firm, non-slip and labor-saving, and easy to color and processing, with a wide range of design space.

  2、Wide replacement of PVC, low price, the first choice to replace PVC, health, safety, environmental protection, easy to apply oil.

  3、Excellent hand feeling, good UV resistance, chemical resistance and easy to color and process, with a wide range of design space.

  4, easy to process. Processing does not require the use of special equipment, the whole operation is very simple, easy to start.

  5、High production efficiency. In the premise of maintaining good processing results, greatly shorten the processing time, with very high production efficiency.

  6、Low cost. Can be recycled and reused, to a large extent, saving resources, very much in line with the needs of modern society.

  7、Energy saving. In the process of use, it can be recycled many times and put into use again after re-processing, saving a lot of energy for society.

  8、Wide range of applications. The perfect combination of rubber and plastic, while containing the advantages of both, both in the field of rubber and in the field of plastic, have opened up a new path, the application range in the market is very wide.

  II. Applications

  1. Styrene TPE: disposable infusion tubes, blood bags, baby pacifiers, drippers, seals and medical catheters.

  2. Polyurethane TPE: artificial heart assist device, artificial blood vessels, various precision interventional catheters (indwelling needle cannula, central venous catheter, peripheral placement of central venous catheter, electrophysiological catheter, contrast catheter, expansion balloon catheter, micro catheter, etc.), tracheal cannula, artificial prosthesis, denture, birth control supplies, extracorporeal circulation blood line, medical connection line and the coating material of interventional consumables.

  3. Polyolefin TPE: medical catheters, medical casters, blood bags, infusion sets, breathing masks, tracheal intubation enteral nutrition bags, extracorporeal circulation lines, hemodialysis lines, etc.

  4. Polyamide TPE: connectors, adapters and live tether, pressure-resistant medical catheters.

  5. Packaging bottles. Widely used as beer, oil and pharmaceutical packaging bottles, it is non-toxic and tasteless in use, will not produce any harm to human body.

  6. Electronic products. Can also be used in some electronic products accessories, it is because of its existence to ensure the normal use of many electrical appliances, thus enriching people's lives.

  7. Auto parts. Can be used in the parts of the car, the frequent use of human cars require cars must have the characteristics of stability and safety, and modified pet to meet the requirements of the stability of the car, to provide a safe guarantee for people's travel.

  8. Machinery and equipment. Also used in some mechanical parts, especially with the popularity of mechanization, it is used more frequently.

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