What is SBS and what are the uses of SBS?

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What is SBS and what are the uses of SBS?

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SBS is what material, I believe that many rubber and plastic enterprises novice procurement is particularly concerned about a problem. In a word, SBS is the world's largest production, widely used, and rubber performance is most similar to a thermoplastic elastomer material. Then the following contents of the SBS material performance and use of detailed description.

  SBS (Styreneic Block Copolymers) is a styrene-based thermoplastic elastomer with the characteristics of plastic and rubber, also known as "third-generation rubber materials. Usually, this material is a polymer made by anionic polymerization using butadiene and styrene as monomers, cyclohexane as solvent, n-butyllithium as initiator, tetrahydrofuran as activator, and silicon tetrachloride as coupling agent.

  Properties of SBS materials

  ①Because it is a thermoplastic material, it can be injected and extruded by thermoplastic processing equipment without vulcanization, and the processing efficiency is high.

  ②High coefficient of friction on the surface of the material.

  ③Good temperature resistance, can keep shape in low temperature environment.

  ④with tensile strength, elasticity and resilience similar to that of rubber.

  ⑤ is an environmentally friendly material, and the sprues, edges, scraps, old products and waste products can be recycled.

  The use of SBS material

  ① can be blended with other plastic materials modified to form new materials, on behalf of the "TPR materials", the new material wear resistance, toughness and tensile strength grade improved.

  ②Can be used directly in the production of rubber products, such as making shoe soles, hoses, etc.

  ③It can be used as a modifier to improve the strength and toughness of synthetic materials and fatigue resistance.

  The above is the performance and use of SBS materials related to the introduction, most of the domestic rubber and plastic enterprises looking for production materials and will not directly address SBS, more TPR materials called, because the former as the latter's modified base material, the latter's performance is more outstanding, can be used in a wider range of fields. Therefore, if you are purchasing materials, TPR manufacturers to introduce you to their TPR materials, you do not need to have great doubts.

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