Because PVC is not environmentally friendly issues, choose TPE material transition?

  • Time of issue:2021-12-24
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Because PVC is not environmentally friendly issues, choose TPE material transition?

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  • Time of issue:2021-12-24
  • Views:765

 PVC is one of the main raw materials of plastics, and this plastic uncle will no longer explain. Domestic PVC prices from 16 years began to stage a climbing thread, continued to go higher is a sign. From more than five thousand (calcium carbide method and ethylene method prices are different) rose to about 7,000 yuan a ton now, maintaining a high level, for the downstream impact is relatively large. In this environment, the boss's love-hate relationship where to go, how about understanding the TPE raw materials?

  Before talking about TPE first analyze the factors that PVC prices are higher, more, pick the focus of a few to talk about it. First of all, because of the limited new production capacity, it is well understood that in 12 years the domestic PVC suppliers 94, to 17 years did not have a third of the remaining 62, the reduction in supply led to price increases.

  Secondly, the impact of capital transactions, PVC futures market has experienced several speculations, pulling up the price. Due to the PVC part of the traders spot is low, and the raw material calcium carbide local limited production factors, as well as the commodity chemical sector favorable factors to promote, the wind of speculation rose.

  The last key factor, which is the environmental protection policy. The implementation of environmental protection tax means that lead salt stabilizer, CPE and other producers are to pay for wastewater, waste gas row, which increases the cost of production, then had to reduce the burden by raising prices. There are also many PVC-related, such as whitening agent manufacturers, but also due to the factors of environmental protection policy, shutdown, the lack of supply and demand also led to an increase in the price of PVC materials.

  For the above factors, the downstream treatment of PVC high prices can not help, because many exporting countries also limit the PVC products, downstream enterprises transformation and upgrading of the road is bound to go. tpe raw materials is a key factor in the transformation of the downstream, for the above issues have a good account. First of all, the supplier, due to the involvement of foreign capital, many places in the country have built up TPE factories, the supply and market demand has always maintained a good balance.

  Environmental issues for TPE, is really not a problem. TPE also has a good weather resistance and a wide range of hardness options, which has been respected by the international market. As a professional brand TPE factory for twelve years, Shibu provides one-stop TPE supply service and has also obtained the qualification of high-tech enterprise in 17 years. If you have the idea of transformation and upgrading, just hesitate and hurry up to contact.

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