PVC and TPE cable material to do the data line, how to choose?

  • Time of issue:2021-12-24
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PVC and TPE cable material to do the data line, how to choose?

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  • Time of issue:2021-12-24
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A few days ago, the plastic uncle had released an article on TPE material to do headphone cable, many customers are doing cell phone data cable and have to consult now with TPE cable material to do data cable is good, and PVC compared to what the advantages? In this regard, the plastic ber to the user's point of view to analyze the difference between the two raw materials processed data line.

  First of all, let's talk about the disadvantage of that side - "PVC". Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is once the most widely used, occupying the top spot in the international plastic market sales of general-purpose plastics, it is used in building construction, wire and cable, construction flooring, etc., and small aspects of daily necessities, leather, synthetic fibers, etc.. With such a large background, it still did not escape the defeat of the International Agency for Research on Cancer in 2017, the PVC included in the blacklist of carcinogenic, international veteran manufacturers and corresponding environmental policies, have chosen other materials that can replace the PVC production enterprise products, so that the PVC is deep in the mire.

  At this time, the unseasonably silent base of thermoplastic elastomer TPE environmental materials into the international arena, without vulcanization, high elasticity, non-toxic, excellent coloring properties, quickly replaced a number of industries originally manufactured in PVC products (part of the replacement can not be, the future will become possible). The PVC data line is also strongly replaced by TPE, now a treasure search XX brand cell phone data line, we look at the details of most have drawn a TPE line material by mechanical pulling thousands of times constantly advertising map. Here again, the TPE line material to do the data line than the PVC is more robust, pulling resistance is superior.

  Back to the feel, TPE version of the data line feel delicate and soft, there is a smoother touch. And PVC, sorry, touch it hard, very stiff, touching it will not be smooth, long with zigzag pull straight, this is because the PVC rebound contraction is not good. If you feel that TPE is not nice enough, not good enough, personalized version of TPE fast charging data line is also available for sale, face line outer phi and terminal head design aesthetic.

  Then we look at the environmental health perspective, PVC has been included in the blacklist of carcinogenic, this data line will be used for a long time will release a gas harmful to the human body, the skin and even the body's liver has some harm. And now the weather is getting hotter, high-temperature environment and strong ultraviolet light environment, PVC release of harmful substances will accelerate the speed. So if you don't want a small data line to get yourself into a variety of anxiety, or before it is too late to change a TPE wire to do the data line, you use you will know how great!

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