The problem of excessive moisture in TPE injection molding.

  • Time of issue:2021-12-24
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The problem of excessive moisture in TPE injection molding.

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  • Time of issue:2021-12-24
  • Views:694

Recently, the customer has a product to develop, we express the sample material to the customer first test machine, has not been good. Because the customer wanted it urgently, we went to the customer's factory with our engineer of TPE engineering department to test the material.

  After the first injection molding, the surface of the mold showed emission-like distribution of surface defects. Preliminary analysis of the reasons.

  1, the moisture content in the raw materials is too high, but our raw materials before coming through a very strict drying, because we know the customer requirements are relatively high.

  2, the raw material is contaminated, our TPE raw material is 100% genuine material, there is no possibility of pollution.

  3, the barrel temperature is too high, a mold molding temperature, a zone 165, two zones 170, three zones 165, four zones 170., the preliminary conclusion may produce one of the points of the problem.

  4, insufficient injection volume, insufficient injection volume is also possible, because we only used 2kg of material to try in one mold.

  After the second injection molding, we adjusted the temperature upwards and purposely took the raw material to the customer's dryer for drying for insurance purposes. We increased the size of the main flow channel, manifold and gate of the mold. The second trial material passed successfully.

       In fact, about the problem of defects in TPE molding, our engineers of TPE have a lot of experience, we analyze the causes and draw conclusions in one step. The second time on the trial material test material.

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