ABS injection molding produces fusion line problem

  • Time of issue:2021-12-24
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ABS injection molding produces fusion line problem

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  • Time of issue:2021-12-24
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ABS injection molding produces fusion line problem
Phenomenon: razor shell blade frame has fusion line.

  Cause: The glue position is too thin due to the product structure, forming a fusion glue merging point to produce fusion marks.

  Analysis: The melt glue position is not set accurately enough: the injection speed is not set accurately enough; the temperature of melt glue and melting glue is not enough.

  1, machine characteristics

  Brand: Demag Clamping force 100t Plasticizing capacity 94g

  2, the number of mold out: 1 * 2 into the plastic way: small water mouth to large water mouth ejection way: the ejector pin ejection mold temperature: 90 degrees

  3, Product physical evidence.

  Material: material (ABS) color: gray product weight: 5.39g water mouth weight: 4.32g

  4, bad reason analysis

  1, the product used in the flow of raw materials is slightly worse than other raw materials.

  2, the product in the molding of the process parameters, such as position, speed, the accuracy of the adjustment requirements are very high, need to set very accurate.

  3、The temperature setting is not reasonable.

  5, countermeasures

  1, Use multi-stage injection and position switching.

  2, the first section with a relatively fast speed just fill the runner to the inlet and find out the corresponding switching position, then the second section with a slow speed and a very small position can be rushed through the inlet. The third section is filled with 70% of the mold cavity with medium speed, so that the glue flow can be washed through the thin part of the product to avoid the merging of molten glue in the thin part of the meat. The fourth section fills the cavity with slow speed, so that the air in the cavity is completely discharged to avoid trapped air and bad phenomena such as burning. Finally, turn to the pressure-holding switching position.

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