Which is the best TPE manufacturer in Dongguan?

  • Time of issue:2021-12-24
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Which is the best TPE manufacturer in Dongguan?

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  • Time of issue:2021-12-24
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Because of the developed information on the Internet, just search for TPE keywords on the Internet, you can easily find information on TPE manufacturers around the country, saving a lot of time to find materials in plastic city, but there are also many problems. For example, it is easy to be cheated on the Internet, the money is not shipped and other problems, or encounter the black-hearted TPE traders, the second best and so on, so customers will be worried about being cheated, resulting in a crisis of confidence.

  Shibe is a senior network operator in the TPE industry, and has received customers from all over the country on the Internet. Last month, a customer from Ningbo came on a business trip and came to Shibe to see the factory and discuss cooperation. During the conversation with the customer, we learned about the trouble of cross-province trading. Because there are dozens of TPE manufacturers in the country, each manufacturer's technology and business projects are different, so choose a brand name or scale of a strong manufacturer is a procurement problem! Customers finally chose us and started to place orders in large quantities one after another.

  There are also Kunming customers, see our introduction on the Internet, test material several times after the different hardness of the glasses wrapping material, from the first test material to several times after the bulk order, the customer did not come to our factory to visit, and began to bulk purchase 500KG onwards. The customer identified is our company. There are also our cooperative customers in Fujian, Beijing, Guangxi, Zhejiang, Shandong and other parts of the world.

  We as 15 years of well-known TPE production enterprises, the establishment of its own brand, in China construction TPE R & D base, become the first batch of TPE industry national high-tech key cultivation production enterprises, the advantages of performance in.

  1, complete clear ISO quality certification, products through the SGS globally recognized quality testing.

  2, more than 10 sets of twin-screw granulation equipment, the introduction of advanced production and testing equipment in Germany, each batch of products after four times quality inspection, stable quality.

  3, 100% imported procurement of raw materials safer, more in line with Europe and the United States ROHS, FDA, LFGB and other environmental protection certification.

  4、We can provide a full set of solutions such as material evaluation, commissioning test, mold suggestion, process guidance, and even material supply chain management.

  5、Sales service network throughout the Greater China region, convenient service, fast delivery, more overseas agents to ensure a faster delivery time and smaller inventory to users.

  Manufacturers warm tips: the purchase of TPE raw materials to recognize whether TPE manufacturers. Factory direct sales, quality assurance, more affordable prices, the first choice of plastic Bo ~

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