How to solve this phenomenon when there are bubbles in TPE elastomer injection products?

  • Time of issue:2021-09-10
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How to solve this phenomenon when there are bubbles in TPE elastomer injection products?

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  • Time of issue:2021-09-10
  • Views:655

[Question] We use TPE material, how to adjust the machine if the injection product has bubbles? How to solve?

  【Answer】Cause analysis and countermeasures:

  1, the sol temperature is too high to cause too much volatile matter, reduce the temperature of the barrel. If the barrel temperature is too high or the heating is out of adjustment, the barrel temperature should be reduced step by step. The temperature in the feeding section is too high, because part of the plastic melts prematurely and fills the groove with air and cannot be discharged from the feeding port.

  2, the injection pressure is small, the pressure holding time is short, and the melt does not adhere to the surface of the cavity.

  3, the injection speed is too fast, the molten plastic is decomposed by the large shearing action, and the decomposition gas is produced. The injection speed is too slow to fill the cavity in time, resulting in insufficient surface density of the product to produce silver streaks. Increase or decrease the injection speed.

  4, the sol temperature is too low to make the filling unstable, the internal stress increases, and the material temperature and nozzle temperature are correspondingly increased. Insufficient amount of material, excessively large feeding cushion, too low material temperature or too low mold temperature will affect the flow and molding pressure of the melt, and generate bubbles.

  5, use multi-stage injection to reduce the silver streak; medium-speed injection fills the runner, slow-speed fills the gate, fast injection, low-pressure and slow-speed injection to fill the mold, so that the gas in the mold can be removed in time in each section.

  6, the rubber stays in the barrel for too long, so the total cycle time needs to be reduced.

  7, drying of raw materials. Fully dry raw materials to reduce residual moisture.

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