Hardness selection of TPE/TPR/TPU cover material

  • Time of issue:2021-10-22
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Hardness selection of TPE/TPR/TPU cover material

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  • Time of issue:2021-10-22
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 TPE/TPR/TPU overlays are usually made by using two materials, hard plastic and soft rubber, for overlay bonding. There may be various choices of hard plastic materials according to product requirements (such as ABS, AS, GPPS, HIPS, PA, PC, PC/ABS, PE, PP, etc.), and the most common TPE/TPR/TPU soft plastic materials. The main analysis of TPE/TPR soft rubber material, TPE (usually refers to the SEBS class styrene thermoplastic elastomer modified material) belongs to the composite modified polymer alloy material, its unique advantage is to have a wide range of adjustable hardness.

  Usually the hardness of the TPE used for covering the rubber range from 10 to 90 degrees (ShoreA), different application requirements of the product, the choice of TPE hardness, or there are certain rules to follow.

  1, 10 ~ 40 degrees lower hardness TPE overlap injection molding. Often used in some soft contact requirements of the product, such as medical products, some high-end sports equipment handle, electronic products, etc.. At present, TPE/PP overlap molding can provide as low as 10 degree TPE grade; TPE/ABS&PC overlap molding can provide as low as 20 degree TPE, TPE/PA overlap molding can provide as low as 30 degree TPE.

  2、45~65 degree medium hardness TPE overmolded. It is often used in the overmolding of power tool handles, kitchenware, knives and scissors, screwdrivers, daily tools, luggage accessories, etc. The hardness of human skin is usually around 55 degrees, usually this kind of hand contact with the overmolding products, TPE soft rubber material usually choose and human skin close to the hardness, in order to get the best contact comfort.

  3, 70 ~ 90 degrees higher hardness TPE overlap molding. It is mainly used for overlapping injection molding products with flat surface, large overlapping surface and thin thickness, such as electronic appliances, digital games, cell phone IPAD, communication instrumentation products. This kind of thin products, flat, large area overmolded products, need TPE with high fluidity, low shrinkage, appropriate surface hardness and other characteristics, therefore, must use a higher hardness of TPE to achieve.

  In the actual product case, different products, for TPE soft rubber material hardness has more strict requirements, hardness is generally provided by the customer, the supplier does not give advice on this. Unless the customer is developing new products independently and does not have a standard for hardness.


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