Application of TPE elastomer raw materials in plastic runways, floors and mats

  • Time of issue:2021-09-10
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Application of TPE elastomer raw materials in plastic runways, floors and mats

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  • Time of issue:2021-09-10
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Due to the softness and excellent elasticity and toughness of TPE itself, more and more applications have been used in floor paving materials in recent years. As an environmentally friendly non-toxic product, TPE has the high elasticity of rubber. In terms of environmental protection indicators, they are better than other raw materials. TPE has the advantages of light weight (low density), environmental protection (recyclable, non-toxic in combustion), long service life (up to 5-10 times more than traditional rubber), large processing variation, and low total product cost. It is used in various industries. Has gradually been widely used.

   One, home textile carpets, floor mats, non-slip mats

   Home textile carpet mats are generally laid on the door, living room, bedroom, bathroom and other indoor and outdoor floors and floors, which play a role in sound insulation, decoration, anti-slip, and improve foot feel. With the family living environment and quality of life

   improvement, more and more families are choosing to lay carpet and floor mats.

   home textile carpets are usually covered with a layer of rubber bottom to improve the carpet's adhesion to the floor and anti-slip effect, especially for ceramic tiles and floors. Traditional non-slip soles generally use PVC, traditional rubber or latex, with environmental protection

  The requirements are increasing. These materials are gradually eliminated. TPE for home textiles and carpets has excellent performance. It can not only completely replace PVC, traditional rubber and latex to achieve the bottom-covering and anti-skid effect, but also greatly simplify and shorten

  The production process is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, and it is an environmentally friendly new material, which has been widely used in the home textile carpet industry.

   2. Car carpets, floor mats

   In China, TPE has been used in automotive carpets for nearly 10 years, and it has basically matured. As the automotive industry has higher and higher requirements for VOCs, TPEs for automotive carpets are also constantly upgrading. At present, TPE is in the automotive industry.

The    car carpet is in addition to the traditional nylon carpet covered by the original factory standard. The new design includes integral injection molding foot pads and blister foot pads, as well as blister trunk pads and so on. In addition to VOC requirements, the safety of materials

   properties, flame retardancy, and low temperature warpage resistance have all raised requirements.

   3. Plastic track, floor

  1, floating floor

   In the past two years, the fermentation of the poisonous runway incident has sharply accelerated the paving and use of suspended floors. According to Internet reports, kindergarten suspended assembled floors occupies about half of the country. Because of its convenient installation, environmental protection and non-toxic

  , healthy and comfortable, excellent sports, durable, it is popular in kindergartens, sports venues and other fields.

  2, plastic track

   Although the floating floor has many characteristics, its elasticity, foot feel, shock absorption and cushioning effect, easy to fall, etc. still cannot be compared with rubber particles. The new thermoplastic elastomer rubber particles are not only in shape and traditional

Similar to the track particles, the pavement molding process and equipment are also the same as the traditional rubber track particles. Its environmental protection and low odor characteristics are better than the traditional rubber particles and the current EPDM rubber particles, and it improves the elasticity and cushioning of the existing suspended floors. Effect.

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