TPE and TPR materials have become the preferred raw materials for rubber-coated kitchenware handles

  • Time of issue:2021-09-10
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TPE and TPR materials have become the preferred raw materials for rubber-coated kitchenware handles

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  • Time of issue:2021-09-10
  • Views:425

Kitchenware handles are the part where kitchen workers touch the kitchenware. The materials of the handles are different, and the gripping comfort experience is also different. As people's pursuit of life taste is getting higher and higher, the requirements for kitchenware products are becoming more and more "picky".

   Many kitchenware products are currently exported abroad. The most common kitchenware body is metal, with wooden or plastic (such as bakelite, nylon, ABS, PP, etc.) handles embedded on the metal. Plastic is a poor conductor of heat, which prevents human hands from being burned. Most of the handles are made of a three-composite material of metal + hard plastic + soft rubber. The newly introduced soft rubbers are usually mainly TPE and TPR, while silicone rubber is also a small part. TPE and TPR materials are added to the kitchenware handles-this type of design uses the softness and anti-slip properties of TPE/TPR thermoplastic rubber materials to provide a soft touch and anti-slip property for the product to be held, and the use experience is better and improved Product added value.

Usually the hard plastic (such as ABS, PP, nylon PA, etc.) handles are first fitted with metal kitchenware parts (some kitchenware uses hard plastic parts directly without metal materials), and then two-shot injection molding (or two-color injection molding) is used. TPE, TPR soft material is injection-molded onto the hard plastic handle. This two-color material kitchenware handle not only gives a good gripping body feel, but also increases the aesthetics of the product, and improves the taste of the kitchen and home furnishings.

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