[Case Sharing] New TPE Outdoor Sports Glove Material

  • Time of issue:2021-09-10
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[Case Sharing] New TPE Outdoor Sports Glove Material

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  • Time of issue:2021-09-10
  • Views:338

Gloves are used for hand warming or labor protection, and they are also used for decoration. Gloves are a very special thing. At the beginning, they were not produced for practical use. Only in modern times have they become necessary for heat preservation in cold areas, or medical antibacterial and industrial protective products.

   According to medical information, two-thirds of the sweat glands of the human body are distributed in the palm of the hand. This shows that the hand is the most sweaty part of the human body. In outdoor sports, activities such as crossing forests, climbing in the wild, skiing, etc. all require holding trekking poles, climbing from forests, rocks and sliding ski poles. The palm becomes very slippery, which reduces the holding ability of the palm, which will directly affect the safety of outdoor activities.

  The new type of climbing gloves, using TPE as the surface layer, bonding cotton fiber, soft touch, anti-skid, protective effect, through the technical research of the engineering department, cooperated with customers, successfully realized mass production and sold overseas!

Customers supply related gloves, traditional cotton and linen gloves, and leather gloves for foreign sports products, but none of them can meet market demand. TPE elastomer materials, as new environmentally friendly materials, are widely used in various industries. Therefore, customers find us and hope that we can provide material solutions. .

  Customer requirements are as follows:

   Weather resistance, high temperature resistance 60℃*168h

   Moldability Injection molding

   Is it possible to encapsulate the cotton fiber

  Other characteristics The surface is matte and dry

   Disc vertical injection molding machine, rubberized cotton fiber,

   requires the material to feel soft and dry, and the matte surface is wear-resistant. The disc abrasion test is more than 1000 revolutions. The molding temperature is 190-200℃.

   Preliminary engineering analysis shows that this kind of hand feel requires very soft materials, so first try the natural material TSN1539D-W, the glue point is easy to delaminate. After the sample came back, the internal analysis of the project found that the original color was not suitable, and a translucent material, ES0803F, was recommended again. The surface was too bright and the molding was OK. This is not the same as the customer's surface requirements for the dumb surface, NG. The engineering department proposed an improvement plan. Based on the ES0803F, the formula was optimized, the surface haze was improved, and the sample material ES15-LB was made, and it was brought to the customer as soon as possible. After testing on the spot, after debugging, the final product reached the customer's requirements and went smoothly. Place an order, mass production and shipment.

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