What can be done with TPE 70 degrees?

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What can be done with TPE 70 degrees?

  Introduction of TPE 70 degree

  Usually we say the degree refers to the hardness of TPE, and this degree refers to ShoreA, 70 represents the hardness value, our TPE raw materials can be from ShoreA 0A-100A. TPE is thermoplastic elastomer, can also be said to be SEBS rubber as the base material modified thermoplastic elastomer materials. We have been dedicated to the research and development and production of TPE since 200 years, and we are more professional in thermoplastic elastomer TPE granules.

  Application of TPE 70 degree raw materials

  As a special engineering plastic, TPE raw material can be modified by adjusting the formula components and composition ratio to obtain different hardness and physical properties of the modified material. Even the same hardness, but also according to the product application to provide different physical properties of TPE raw materials. 70 degrees, or 70A is a frequently used TPE raw material hardness. 70 degrees of TPE raw materials empirical applications are as follows.

  1. for PC polycarbonate plastic cover glue. TPE raw material hardness used for overmolding PC in 60 ~ 80 degrees, of which 70 degrees is common. Commonly used in tool handles, instrument housings, cell phone housings covered with rubber.

  2. wire extrusion. tpe as an environmentally friendly soft rubber material, and because of the excellent non-slip feel, can replace the traditional PVC as the raw material for high-grade headphone wire. And headphone wire outside the extrusion with TPE hardness in 65 ~ 80 degrees, 70 ~ 75 degrees is the most common.

  3. Some toy tires, some toy tires will use 70 ~ 75 degrees TPE raw materials, but can not be generalized.

  4. Other, TPE 70 degree raw materials may have more applications, these are determined by the product requirements.




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