TPE 0 degree material production FAQ

  • Time of issue:2023-03-20
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TPE 0 degree material production FAQ

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  • Time of issue:2023-03-20
  • Views:766

  The momentum of the adult health products industry is still growing, and the demand for super soft TPE is also increasing. We at PlasticBeauty Technology, as the largest supplier of TPE adult products, bring you several common problems in the production of several ultra-soft TPE, we usually in addition to common hardnesses such as TPE 0 degrees, TPE 3 degrees, TPE 5 degrees, TPE 10 degrees, TPE 15 degrees, the user demand for ultra-soft TPE with hardness below 0 degrees (refers to Shore hardness A) is also on the rise.

  Super soft TPE with hardness below 0 degrees can be expressed in two ways.

  1. Measured by Shore hardness C, such as 25C, 15C, 10C, 5C, 3C, etc.. The larger the value, the softer the material.

  2. Use the number of 0 to express. For example, Shore hardness 0 degrees of TPE to a 0, there are 00,000,0000,00000 .... The more the number of 0, the softer the hardness of the material.

  Material application: mainly used in adult health products for men.

  About TPE0 degree summary of some issues: TPE0 degree introduction and summary of issues (annealing treatment, etc.)

  1、What to do with annealing treatment?

  These super soft TPE with hardness below 0 degree can still be processed and molded by injection molding process. However, the injection molding speed is relatively slow, and the reference injection temperature is 110~150℃. Because the hardness is too soft, the shrinkage of processed TPE finished products will be relatively large, and surface water lines will easily appear. Available spark gun to do surface annealing treatment to eliminate product appearance defects.

  2、How to solve the problem when doing TPE0 degree material, feeding material is not into, feeding fast will bubble oil?

  Reduce the feeding section temperature, and use wooden sticks to assist the feeding downward pressure, which is the most effective and most economical way. High speed, low feed, turn off the temperature of the lower feed section in two sections. In the trapezoidal heating.

  3、As for the temperature of TPE 0 degree material injection molding processing?

  As for TPE 0 degree material injection processing temperature, depends on the molecular weight of TPE base material SEBS, high molecular weight SEBS modified TPE injection processing temperature is high, low molecular weight SEBS modified TPE injection temperature can be lower. In addition, it is also related to the processing product and mold design and injection molding machine model. If the product size and mold design require high fluidity of the material, it is necessary to increase the injection processing temperature.

  Injection processing temperature: 130~200 degrees. When processing, it is recommended to ask the supplier for injection processing temperature parameters.


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