TPE|TPR product surface whitening problem

  • Time of issue:2023-03-20
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TPE|TPR product surface whitening problem

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  • Time of issue:2023-03-20
  • Views:294

  TPE|TPR products have the problem of white surface.

  Cause Analysis

  About the TPE|TPR products surface whitening problem, there are two possible situations -

  First, the role of external forces

  The surface of the product is resistant to friction and scratching is poor. Subject to external friction scratching, easily lead to TPE with white filler powder material in the mixture to reveal the surface of the material, looks like the surface of the product white.

  Second, migration precipitation

  The white powdered additives in the TPE blend are precipitated (a substance A dissolved in another substance B, due to the addition of excessive amount, and due to the time factor, migration occurs, seeping out from the substance B).

  This white material can usually be gently wiped away with a rag or by hand. But after a while the white powder will appear again.


  The first situation - external force scraping white

  Adjust the components of the formulation system to improve the compatibility of the TPE compounding system.

  The second situation - precipitation white

  For the finished products already made, the post-treatment measures are almost ineffective. A theoretical solution idea is as follows.

  a choose a solvent, should be easy to precipitate white powder additives good extractant, at the same time, this solvent does not have a soluble corrosion effect on the TPE material;

  b the appearance of white powder TPE|TPR products immersed in the selected solvent, fully immersed for more than 1h, and then removed.

  c Observe the products after soaking, whether they still appear after a period of time, if they still appear, repeat step b until they no longer precipitate white powder.

  For the emergence of white precipitation, the less troublesome way is to impregnate the solvent with a rag and then repeatedly wipe the surface of TPE products. But most of the time, the white powder will appear again.

  For not made products, the remaining raw materials TPE, TPR particles, plastic Bo strongly recommended to find TPE suppliers to change the material.

  Summary: migration precipitation, is a common problem of polymer rubber and plastic materials, not only TPE, rubber products will also appear spit frost whitening and other precipitation problems. For TPE, in addition to whitening, spitting oil, spitting acid, etc.

  is also more common. The root cause of these problems is the migration of precipitation caused by solubility.

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