TPE/TPR rubber pellets caking cause analysis and solution

  • Time of issue:2022-10-31
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TPE/TPR rubber pellets caking cause analysis and solution

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  • Time of issue:2022-10-31
  • Views:334

  A, TPE / TPR transparent material lumping cause analysis

  1、High proportion of oil filling; sometimes for the production of super soft hardness products, need enough proportion of oil in the SEBS/SBS blending system, but the oil itself is viscous, the greater the proportion of oil, the greater the possibility of precipitation (oil spitting), which leads to transparent particles lumping.

  2、Particle cooling is not sufficient, the temperature is high, the oil in the mixing system is viscous, resulting in particle adhesion. So the summer is more likely to caking problems.

  Second, TPE / TPR transparent material clumping solutions

  1、Adequate cooling after sub-pelletizing. It is recommended that the surface temperature of the particles below 30 ℃ before packaging.

  2、Add functional additives to weaken the surface viscosity between the particles and enhance the smoothness of the particle surface, especially for the ultra-soft hardness of the TPE/TPR transparent material.

  As long as the proper treatment, there is no big problem, the following TPE, TPR buyers should pay attention to.

  1, in the summer, the general hardness of the TPR below 50A is prone to particle clumping adhesion, TPE below 20A is prone to particle clumping.

  2, the general SBS base material of transparent TPR than the SEBS base material of transparent TPE more prone to particle clumping phenomenon, because the SBS oil lock is not as good as SEBS.

  3, the factory in the injection production, if the TPE / TPR lump serious, manual separation time-consuming, affecting the production of the situation, you can use the crusher to break all the lumps of material lumped together in small pieces, to facilitate the material.

  4、For opaque TPR material may appear particle lumping problem, can be mixed with certain anti-adhesive agent before particle packing and encapsulation, to improve the problem of lumping.

  5、TPR products (such as toys) in the export of foreign goods should pay attention to the possible container temperature (goods in transit due to the accumulation of heat, resulting in the container temperature will gradually rise, sometimes may reach 60 ~ 70 ℃), do the expected precautions, if necessary, you can use insulation cabinet.

  6, in the hot summer, TPE/TPR injection molding factory should pay attention to the material particles (especially TPR transparent material) in a cool place for storage, if possible, you can open the air conditioning. Production of products (especially TPR material), each finished product should not be stored in direct contact with the packaging, and do not store the backlog, so as not to affect product quality adhesion.


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