What are the molding methods of TPE/TPR

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What are the molding methods of TPE/TPR

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  • Time of issue:2022-10-31
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  TPE/TPR can be processed with general rubber processing equipment or plastic processing equipment. After proper control of processing temperature and processing conditions, the finished product will be of uniform and stable quality. The commonly used processing methods are Extrusion, Injection, Blow molding and Pouring.


  The extrusion process of TPE/TPR can be carried out by Twin-Screw or Single-Screw extruders. -As for the mixing temperature, it is recommended to set the temperature range between 180-230°C (to be adjusted according to the extruder's type and the composition of the mixture).


  The injection molding method is one of the most common methods used to mold TPE/TPR compounds. When using injection molding, the L/D ratio of the injection molding machine should be at least 15/1, the compression ratio of the screw should be between 2/1 and 3/1, and the injection molding temperature should be between 190-230°C, depending on the composition of the ingredients.

  Blow molding

  The process of blow molding grade TPE/TPR film is done by using down-blow PP blow molding machine, up-blow PE blow molding machine, calendering machine, shaped T-Die extruder/profile extruder, and casting extrusion machine, the process includes blowing film, drying, and film winding, etc. Generally speaking, the Generally speaking, the speed of extrusion, the speed of winding, and the strength of the blown film wind will determine the thickness of the finished product.


  For products with simple shapes, Liantong soft rubber grade TPE/TPR can be molded by casting.

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