TPE,TPR become the preferred raw material for plastic household products industry

  • Time of issue:2022-09-21
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TPE,TPR become the preferred raw material for plastic household products industry

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  • Time of issue:2022-09-21
  • Views:842

  According to statistics from China's National Bureau of Statistics, the output of plastic products of Chinese enterprises above the scale of plastic products is nearly 62 million tons, an increase of 8% year-on-year. Daily necessities are the second largest category of plastic products after films (4.72 million tons of output), while household products are the most dominant category of daily necessities. The first province of daily necessities with 1.07 million tons of production accounted for 23% of the country. Perhaps the industry upgrade to make the traditional daily necessities industry, now uniformly called the plastic household goods industry.

  Now TPE, TPR with the advantages of environmental protection and non-toxic plastic houseware industry preferred raw materials, plastic Bo the following introduction of TPE, TPR in the plastic houseware industry classic applications.

  1、Mini USB power fan

  The fan blade material and the main part of the outer material are made of soft thermoplastic rubber TPR (TPE) as the raw material, and the excellent environmental performance of TPR eliminates consumer concerns about the safety of the material, TPR soft elasticity characteristics, can support the fan body part of any bend, convenient for consumers to use. As the USB power supply charging, as long as there is a rechargeable battery, a laptop, IPAD, cell phones, etc., can be charged. You can imagine how pleasant it is to listen to the music of the cell phone while enjoying the coolness delivered to the ear in the hot summer.

  2、TPE,TPR anti-tumbling baby bowl

  Humanized design of the baby bowl, the main material selection of food-grade environmentally friendly polypropylene PP, the bottom of the bowl design with TPR material suction cups, can be firmly sucked on a flat table, in the baby meal can be prevented from knocking over. The brim type product structure design (the part of the material is also used soft TPR), can prevent the baby from getting food on the clothes. TPR thermoplastic rubber is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, does not contain BPA (bisphenol A) and plasticizers.

  3、TPR sealing ring

  At present, the processing of electrical appliances rice cooker sealing ring components, mostly using food-grade high-temperature resistant TPR material, can effectively play a role in sealing closed gas. Compared to the need to vulcanize the silicone, thermoplastic TPR material cost cost is more inexpensive.

  4、Foldable baby bath tub

  The white part of the baby bath (such as the edge of the basin, basin legs, basin bottom part) material with high impact copolymer polypropylene PP as raw materials, grass green basin body texture for thermoplastic rubber TPR (TPE), the material is soft plastic, with foldable completely. The material can be firmly molded into a single piece by secondary injection (also called overmolding or two-color injection). When in use, the tub can be unfolded. After use, the tub can be folded, the bracket put away, so that storage is more convenient, but also save space. In the view of consumers who advocate simplicity and fashion today, this product, worth having.

  5, non-slip cutting board

  The non-slip cutting board is made of thermoplastic rubber TPR and PP plastic secondary injection for the whole product. TPR wrapped in the back of the cutting board, giving the product excellent non-slip and shock-absorbing performance, use more feel good, safe, is the home kitchen, housewives necessary kitchen supplies.

  6、TPR anti-slip massage mat

  TPR thermoplastic rubber material non-slip mats, its excellent non-slip, so that the shower more secure. And anti-slip mat special performance raised design, step on it can play a good massage effect on the soles of the feet, so you can enjoy a comfortable self-help massage while showering feet, at any time to take care of your health.


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