TPE flame retardant material testing standards and scope of application

  • Time of issue:2022-09-21
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TPE flame retardant material testing standards and scope of application

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  • Time of issue:2022-09-21
  • Views:965

  Flame retardant test for TPE What is the UL test result of HB?

  HB is the lowest flame retardant grade in the UL standard. It requires a burn rate of less than 40 mm per minute for samples 3 to 13 mm thick; less than 70 mm per minute for samples less than 3 mm thick; or extinguished before the 100 mm mark.

  The level of flame retardancy of the material as determined by UL94 specifications. Test types include HB, V, 5V, etc. The grades are HB, v-2, v-1, v-0, 5VA, 5VB in descending order. flame-retardant materials generally refer to materials above V-0. HB test, V test and 5V test are different, but the card sometimes combines the results of 2 tests (e.g. "V-0, 5VA"). So HB grade is relatively low.

  Flame retardant TPE material is mainly used in wire and cable sheathing material, wire outer being material, cell phone data line, USB plug, headphone cable, audio cable and other wire applications. Then the TPE flame retardant effect can reach the specific standard requirements? The following tpe manufacturers to share with you.

  1, has excellent elasticity and flexibility, high strength, feel delicate and smooth; not sticky ash.

  2, excellent flame retardant: has excellent flame retardant properties, can reach UL94 V0 V1 grade.

  3, with good physical properties, high and low temperature resistance: -50 ℃ -125 ℃.

  4, with UV resistance, aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, fatigue resistance.

  5、Light weight, easy to process, good fluidity, easy to color. Suitable for extrusion processing and molding.


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