Airpods don't smell good anymore? Apple to cut production of AirPods

  • Time of issue:2022-03-14
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Airpods don't smell good anymore? Apple to cut production of AirPods

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  • Time of issue:2022-03-14
  • Views:190

According to Japanese media reports, Apple will cut AirPods production by 25-30% this year. In other words, Apple expects Airpods production in 2021 to be between 75 million and 85 million units, while the previous forecast was for 110 million units, which equates to a cut of more than 20 million.


  For Apple to reduce the production of AirPods, some netizens said that everyone is waiting for AirPods 3, and it is normal for the current product to reduce production. However, sources close to the report revealed that the main reason for the reduction in production is the weakening market demand and also the strong pressure from other competitors. In this regard, some netizens flirted that: Huaqiang North win, cottage products do as good as Apple, but also cheap! Apple's Bluetooth headset "does not smell good anymore"!

  The third generation is not yet out, to cut production. airpods really can not?

  Since the launch of Apple's first TWS headphones Airpods in 2016, the craze for wireless Bluetooth headphones has endured.

  It is undeniable that wireless headphones were first brought on fire by Apple. But as more and more manufacturers join, the market share of Apple AirPods began to shrink year after year. Data show that its market share was still as high as 60% in 2018, fell to 47% in 2019, and slipped to 31% last year.

  The higher price has repelled the desire of many consumers to buy. The most powerful of these is the "AirPods" from Huaqiang North, the first street of Chinese electronics.

  If not professionals, it is difficult to distinguish between Huaqiangbei and Airpods in the end what is the difference, and even the boss of the stall directly claimed: even if Cook over, can not find the difference between the top of my Huaqiangbei and the original.

  In addition to high-quality products, Huaqiang North high speed update optimization is Apple left behind. Huaqiang North has been updated at a very fast pace to optimize the product, not long ago even the third generation of AirPods are Huaqiang North "grab hair". There is no doubt that Huaqiangbei can be said to be Apple's "strongest rival".

  The emergence of copycat products did have some negative impact on AirPods, but the cut in production was more inseparable from the changes in the competitive market environment.

  After the launch of the first generation of AirPods, smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi joined the market and took a share of the pie. Other small electronics manufacturers also joined the competition, scrambling to launch more cost-effective alternatives.

  And when Airpods were hot, Lixun Precision and Goer - two well-known Chinese device makers - could make a lot of money from them. In terms of performance, in 2020, Lixun Precision achieved a net profit of 7.225 billion, up 53.28% year-on-year. Goer achieved a net profit of 2.848 billion, up 122.41% year-on-year.

  But with the impact of market news such as Aipods reduction, the share prices of the two companies have also fallen in the recent past, the latest price of Lixun Precision has retreated more than 40% from the year's high, Goer's retreat also reached 17%.

  The market cake itself is so large, more manufacturers to join, evenly divided into the hands of everyone is bound to reduce, even if strong as Apple, also had to cut back on AirPods production, only supply and demand balance, in order to form a virtuous circle.

  Apple wants to stabilize its position in the wireless headset market, it is important to adjust themselves.

  Is it true that the AirPods are no longer fragrant? If it is you, you will choose Apple's AirPods, or "Huaqiangbei people" wireless headphones?

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