OPPO Enco Air true wireless headphones: charging 10 minutes to listen to songs for 8 hours!

  • Time of issue:2022-03-14
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OPPO Enco Air true wireless headphones: charging 10 minutes to listen to songs for 8 hours!

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  • Time of issue:2022-03-14
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With AirPods opening the door to true wireless headphones, the fresh audio device category of TWS is getting hotter and hotter. For the average user, with the needs of life, work, study and environmental restrictions, young people are becoming more and more dependent on headphones. And with the popularity of true wireless Bluetooth headphones, more and more young people are beginning to pay attention to headphone wearing comfort, range, delay performance in addition to sound quality.


Get a good quality, comfortable to wear, low latency of the true wireless noise cancellation headphones, has become a lot of people just need. Need to admit that, in the real wireless Bluetooth headset, Apple AirPods product power, influence can be said to be the most outstanding, but its closed iOS ecology, largely restricted the choice of Android users, only suitable for Apple users to buy, and the high price is also some people's wallet pain.

So there is no suitable choice among the hundred yuan headphones with a lower threshold of entry?

OPPO's latest release of OPPO Enco Air true wireless headphones actually fits the needs of the relevant users, the most obvious is the design of the appearance of the features is very significant - the rare translucent jelly bin design and fresh color eye-catching degree of pulling full, almost no rival for recognition.

In addition, OPPO Enco Air is also the world's first true wireless headset product to receive the T?V Rheinland TWS Headset High Performance Certification, fully demonstrating its excellent performance in interoperability, latency, stability and call clarity indicators.

Headset independent support 4 hours (with the charging case up to 24 hours) and "charging 10 minutes, listening to 8 hours" of the super battery life and fast charging is "no one else has" special highlights, is the benchmark in the same price.

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