Which is more suitable for smart bracelet watch material, TPE, TPU or silicone?

  • Time of issue:2022-04-22
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Which is more suitable for smart bracelet watch material, TPE, TPU or silicone?

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  • Time of issue:2022-04-22
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 Recently, the application of TPE,TPR is becoming more and more widespread, and it is gradually used in kitchen and dining products. I was asked by a customer who is doing kitchenware products, he is now using silicone, what is the difference between TPE,TPR and silicone? I think it is necessary to briefly talk about the common points and differences between them here.

  TPE, TPR and silicone are safe, non-toxic and odorless materials that do not affect the human body.

  TPE, TPR and silicone differences: 1.

  1. Processing difference: silicone, usually need to use hydraulic press to form, involving cross-linking vulcanization, forming a long time, can not be recycled. tpe, tpr can be injection molding machine and extrusion machine molding, processing cycle is short, 100% recyclable.

  2. Performance difference: TPE feels better, silicone tensile resilience is better than TPE, TPR, silicone environmental stability and thermal stability is better.

  3. Burning identification: silicone, burning bright flame, white smoke, white powder residue, burning no obvious smell; TPE, TPR burning blue flame, there is a certain black smoke.

  4. Temperature resistance difference: TPE, TPR materials generally high temperature resistance in 80 ℃, special grade can reach 100 ℃. And silicone resistance has excellent high temperature resistance, can reach 200 ℃ -300 ℃, or even higher.

Currently used to make smart bracelet watch material is only TPE, silicone and TPU these three materials, then TPE, TPU and silicone which is more suitable to do smart bracelet watch material? Generally speaking, the high-grade bracelets are made of medical grade TPE or TPU materials, which are not only environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, but also do not cause harm to human body.

  As for TPE, TPU and silicone which is good? The following plastic Bo plastic uncle we do a detailed analysis of the material list.

  1、Different prices

  Obviously, the price of TPE/TPU is much higher than silicone, medical grade TPE/TPU are often used in medical supplies, which are closely related to the use of the human body, and even implanted in the human body. From the price point of view alone, TPE/TPU can be recycled, and in the long run, they are more cost-effective.

  2、Grade view

  Silicone is slightly less elastic, from the outside, TPE/TPU can do a very transparent kind, but not silicone, the most transparent are very hazy like a thick fog kind of feeling. It is because of TPE / TPU this transparent feeling, now more popular with users. And the product high-grade is also a lot of selective, the pattern changes than silicone also more. But in general, TPE / TPU hardness than silicone to hard, ergonomic.

  3、From the point of view of hand feeling

  Silicone cover also has a good feel, fall on the ground with shock resistance and impact resistance. Silicone does not dissolve in who, also has a good waterproof performance, but the texture of silicone thick, less style, easy to greasy, fit slightly worse, while the material is slightly worse also easy to stain and into the ash. Relatively speaking, TPU has high abrasion resistance, good scratch resistance elasticity, high strength, outstanding cold resistance, oil and water resistance, mold resistance, good flexibility, TPU's only drawback is not easy to demold, reducing production efficiency. tPE material feels soft and smooth, better than silicone and TPU feel, good abrasion resistance, easy to color, molding and demolding is simple, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, no allergic to human skin, it can be said that TPE is the material of choice for smart bracelets.

  As for TPE, TPU and silicone, which is more suitable for smart bracelet watch material? Shibe still suggests that according to their own product positioning to choose the right smart bracelet material, choose the best for yourself.

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