Smart wear + big health field draws market attention

  • Time of issue:2022-03-09
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Smart wear + big health field draws market attention

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  • Time of issue:2022-03-09
  • Views:713

  According to the market data released by IDC in the first quarter of 2021, Apple is still the leader in the field of smart watches, occupying more than 30% of the global share, far ahead of Samsung, Huawei and other brands. But the current domestic brands have also made considerable progress, Xiaomi ranked third occupying 10.2% of the market share, Huawei ranked fourth, occupying 8.65% of the market share.


At present, ECG function is subject to cost, technology and audit difficulty, in addition to Huawei, OPPO, Huami can barely come up with relevant products to counteract, most brands do not yet have the ability to compete in this field, with Apple's killer function ECG over the review, for most domestic smart watch brands, to compete with the "full body" of Apple, the wolf is really coming.

However, although Apple Watch has the advantages of privacy and ecological linkage, but the disadvantages are also obvious, is also the opportunity to compete.

The Apple Watch is only available for iPhone and cannot be connected to Android devices, which means that nearly 70% of the market will be blocked from Android users.

Price. The price of Apple Watch currently on sale is more than 2,000 yuan, below 2,000 yuan is in the gap, to the current market consumption level, the price of Apple Watch seems a little high.

General and special equipment. At present, the ECG function is only integrated in Apple Watch, Apple's product strategy of preferring shortage to indiscriminate, it is difficult to launch the main ECG function of neutered products, which will be a market opportunity to launch ECG and other function-specific devices, the main product function price difference.

Continuity: Apple Watch's range will one day be too much for a "medical device", so products with differentiated functions such as range will be more competitive.

Apple's strong investment in the health App, Apple Watch and other health-related fields shows that the company wants to get involved in the field of health determination, Apple Watch also inherited the Apple products have always been "excellent student" product tradition, excellent in all aspects but not the top, which also gives domestic manufacturers a misalignment This also gives domestic manufacturers the opportunity to compete. And with the ECG function of the national line through the review, smart wear + big health field may regain the attention of the market.

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