3D athlete tracking technology" has appeared at the Olympic Games

  • Time of issue:2022-03-09
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3D athlete tracking technology" has appeared at the Olympic Games

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  • Time of issue:2022-03-09
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In the Tokyo Olympic Games in full swing, we can not only see the athletes of all countries sweating and competing for gold medals, but also find the first appearance of "3D athlete tracking technology" on the athletic field.


Ultimate Frisbee (UF) is a team sport that strictly requires no physical collision. It is a fusion of rugby, soccer and basketball, and is highly sought after by college students and white-collar workers, and has become popular in China in recent years.

How 3D athlete tracking technology works: By combining computer vision technology with artificial intelligence deep learning algorithms, a 3D grid can be generated with the help of multiple standard cameras, without the use of special sensors or devices. From it, coaches and trainers can extract complex real-time biomechanical data to analyze an athlete's performance and introduce new training enhancements.

The technology is supported by a wearable device that can provide data on an athlete's speed, body angle, acceleration, stride length, etc. in seconds, enabling the extraction of data on the athlete's 3D form. It can be said that the wearable device becomes a powerful assistant to promote athletes' performance and protect their safety.

By calculating the acceleration, velocity and knee flexion angle of the cutting motion, the researchers quantified the type and likelihood of ACL injury risk in ultimate disc players, as well as the prevalence, risk factors and protective factors for ACL injuries at different levels of ultimate disc play.

With these findings, physical therapists and athletic trainers can provide informative training and injury prevention measures for groups and individuals to reduce ACL injuries in cutting movements during exercise programs.

Overall, the wearable inertial sensors successfully tracked athletes' movements in real games, producing detailed biomechanical indicators of behavior and performance. In future laboratory studies, these measurements could be used to specify controlled cutting movements to improve the safety and enjoyment of ultimate disc sports.

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