Xiaomi bracelet 6 system update: two heavyweight features to come

  • Time of issue:2022-03-09
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Xiaomi bracelet 6 system update: two heavyweight features to come

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  • Time of issue:2022-03-09
  • Views:744

The first new feature of Xiaomi Band 6 is WeChat payment, mobile payment has now become one of the mainstream payment methods, but in some scenarios, we will not carry the phone, or forget to carry the phone, you can no longer use mobile payment.


Earlier Xiaomi bracelet 6 already supports the Alipay mobile payment function, last month Xiaomi said, WeChat payment function is being tested, is expected to go online at the end of the year. I didn't expect to see the Xiaomi bracelet 6 support WeChat payment until early August. Unlike Alipay, Xiaomi's WeChat payment daily payment limit is only 1000 yuan, the same as Alipay's single limit, which is one tenth of Alipay's daily limit.

The second new feature of the Xiaomi Band 6 is the flashlight, which is not an unusual feature, the Huawei Watch GT2 that Xiao Lei uses has long been supported. After adding this feature, it will be more convenient for us to find something in a dark environment.

After the system upgrade, the Xiaomi Band 6 is one step closer to a smartwatch. Xiaolei noticed that in the past few years, the netizens have been arguing about whether to buy a smartwatch or a bracelet. Xiao Lei believes that the main difference between smart watches and bracelets is not the function, but the design.

Xiao Lei bought Watch GT2, in addition to NFC subway, public transport, in fact, did not use what function, just bought when you want to use the watch to record the state of sleep, and then suspected that wearing uncomfortable, in addition to commuting to work, other times will not wear the watch. Xiao Lei asked other people around him, generally need the watch to complete the task, they will habitually use the phone, after all, the phone screen is much larger, more comfortable to use.

In these years, smart watches have more and more functions, and they can download and install apps, so they can be used as small cell phones, for navigation and sports training. But these App in the watch and cell phone two platforms to use, the experience is really a world of difference.

Xiao Lei believes that if you want to buy a smart watch for its function, it is best to choose Apple Watch, which is really strong, but the user needs to endure the super poor battery life. If you don't need too many functions, there is no requirement for the face value, then the bracelet is undoubtedly a better choice. After all, the price of smart watches is generally in four figures, less than 300 yuan bracelet is obviously more affordable.

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