Are TPE,TPR plastic or plastic?

  • Time of issue:2022-01-08
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 Are TPE,TPR plastic or plastic?

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  • Time of issue:2022-01-08
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Before answering questions such as the one posed in the title, let's understand what is plastic?

  In the eyes of the industry, plastic and plastic is one thing. In the past, the domestic factories are called plastic factories, while Hong Kong and Taiwan are called plastic factories for plastic companies. At present, some domestic enterprises in order to facilitate communication with foreign investors, basically also hang "plastic" sign. Can not be interpreted literally as plastic and rubber. Hong Kong and Taiwan speech and the mainland there are differences.

  Therefore, it can be seen, plastic is plastic, just different areas of different names.

  As for the name of plastic raw materials, mainly because the plastic is used as products or finished products with the production of raw materials, plastic raw materials will become all the different varieties of polymer resin particles generic name. The appearance of plastic raw materials is usually transparent (as shown below) or this white particles.

  Is TPE/TPR a plastic material?

  TPE/TPR has the elasticity close to rubber, but because it has the thermoplasticity of plastic, it can be directly processed and molded by injection molding machine and extruder, TPE,TPR shows obvious characteristics of thermoplastic plastic. TPE/TPR can be regarded as the category of plastic materials.

  It should be noted that although TPE and TPR can be broadly classified as plastic materials, they are accurately classified as a blend of modified thermoplastic polymer alloy materials. Therefore, in the elastomer industry, TPE,TPR is more commonly called rubber material, soft rubber material, thermoplastic elastomer and so on.

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