TPE,TPR material's UV resistance and testing

  • Time of issue:2022-01-08
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TPE,TPR material's UV resistance and testing

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  • Time of issue:2022-01-08
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The application of TPE|TPR materials is becoming more and more extensive, and the corresponding requirements for materials are becoming more and more strict and diversified.

  Recently there is a customer, said to find a TPE material, used for outdoor electronic products, to have good UV resistance, in line with the United States ASTM G154 standard. He said he needed to test 800 hours ...... Because the customer is a new product order, no previous contact to the material UV test requirements, so the customer does not understand the specific test requirements of the material. Finally the customer found such a standard as ASTM G154 on the Internet and said it was a reference to such a standard. However, after clicking on the link page of the information given by the customer, there was no specific test method or standard. (It is possible that this specific standard test method query has not been shared on the Internet, there is a standard also need to go to the relevant query, and may be the English version).

  TPE / TPR (non-metallic materials) anti-UV test method, roughly a fluorescent tester, in a certain environment or conditions (need to consult with the relevant industry bodies), the test results and the standard to do a comparison, to determine the material's UV test performance!

  Plastisol has a special quality testing center (as shown above), and is equipped with a special fluorescence tester for testing the UV resistance of TPE, TPR materials. But because there are not many cases of anti-UV requirements, and most users for anti-UV testing requirements and can not give a standard they need, so the company is difficult to get with. For customers who have clear requirements and can provide samples, we can customize TPE and TPR materials. At present, the anti-UV performance of our general TPE material is about 3.5 grade, by doing the improvement of anti-UV performance, the anti-UV performance of the material can reach 4~4.5 grade.

  ASTM G154-6 project: Standard Practice for Operating Fluorescent Light Apparatus for UV Exposure of Nonmetallic Materials (standard practice for the use of fluorescent equipment for UV exposure of nonmetallic materials).

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