TPE,TPR elastomer becomes the preferred raw material for fitness equipment

  • Time of issue:2022-01-08
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TPE,TPR elastomer becomes the preferred raw material for fitness equipment

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  • Time of issue:2022-01-08
  • Views:676

In recent years, public health awareness has gradually increased, which has also brought business opportunities to the market. Shrewd businessmen are always good at grasping opportunities. Nowadays, many goods are related to health, such as massage pillows, magnetic therapy stickers, meridian massage brushes, foot massage mats, massage insoles, yoga mats and so on. Shibe found that a lot of massage and fitness equipment, actually use thermoplastic elastomer TPE / TPR as raw materials. As a material that needs to be in close contact with people, TPE/TPR elastomer is non-toxic and safe?

  TPE/TPR is a class of environmentally friendly non-toxic polymer materials. It is soft to the touch, non-slip and comfortable in elasticity. There is no allergy and side effect with skin contact, and it can be compounded and molded.

  According to the industry experience, TPE manufacturers talk about TPE/TPR raw materials for the majority of users in the health industry, what are the applications?

  1. Shoe soles and insoles

  Thermoplastic elastomer TPE/TPR is used in the production of massage insoles, heightening insoles, forefoot pads, etc., to play a role in cushioning, shock absorption, heightening, massage, etc.. The actual efficacy of these products Shubo inconvenient to comment, but more or less reflects the elements of healthy living.

  2. Massage cushion class

  TPE/TPR has been gradually applied to a variety of seat cushions, massage mats, yoga mats and other products in recent years, used as car foot mats, acupressure plates and so on. The environmental protection of non-toxic materials, soft touch, as well as the massage characteristics of the product structure design, all reflect the concept of healthy life.

  3. Fitness equipment

  Environmentally friendly TPE/TPR is also used in fitness equipment, such as grip meter handle, tensioner, yoga tension belt, meridian massage brush, etc.. The use of its non-slip, high resilience, and skin contact soft touch, etc., to achieve a comfortable and fitness role.

  TPE's soft touch, high resilience, cushioning shock absorption and other excellent characteristics make it the preferred raw material for fitness equipment, if you want to know more about TPE, TPR material applications, welcome to call our company!

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