TPE,TPR material injection temperature and molding temperature introduction

  • Time of issue:2022-01-08
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TPE,TPR material injection temperature and molding temperature introduction

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  • Time of issue:2022-01-08
  • Views:683

In the TPE,TPR processing injection molding process, the accuracy of the temperature setting is the key to the appearance and performance of the product. Usually the temperature setting range of TPE,TPR material in each area is 160℃ to 210℃ for the barrel and 180℃ to 230℃ for the nozzle.

  I. Analysis of injection molding temperature from TPE, TPR materials.

  1. equivalent hardness and blending system, SEBS base material TPE than SBS base material TPR (this TPE, TPR called only TPE production enterprises within the customary name, may be some differences with the user's name) requires a higher injection molding temperature.

  The same type of base material (such as SEBS or SBS) of TPE, generally the higher the hardness, the material injection temperature is a certain upward trend, but only from super soft TPE, TPR to low hardness TPE, TPR transition, more obvious. Such as hardness 000 ~ 0 super soft TPE, injection molding temperature can be set at 120 ~ 150 ℃ on OK, while the hardness of 10 ~ 30 degrees in the low hardness TPE, injection molding temperature generally need to be 180 ~ 200 ℃.

  3. The molecular weight affects the fluidity of the material, which determines the different injection temperature selection. The higher the molecular weight of SEBS, the higher the injection temperature of the material. The injection molding temperature of conventional TPE is 180~200℃, while the injection molding temperature of some high molecular weight SEBS based TPE is 230~250℃ is normal. The theory of polymer chemistry is explained: high molecular weight SEBS, molecular chain entanglement more closely, the role of the molecular chain is greater, to let the molecular chain from the relative sliding (high elastic state) to the overall flow (viscous flow state), requires higher energy than conventional SEBS (that is, higher injection temperature).

  Second, the hardness and injection molding method to classify the injection temperature range.

  1.TPE hardness 0C~15A super soft material, injection temperature 130~200℃;

  2.TPE/TPR hardness 20~110A single material injection material, recommended injection temperature 140~230℃.

  3. TPE/TPR covered PP, the recommended secondary injection temperature 170~200℃;

  4. TPE/TPR encapsulated ABS,PC, the recommended secondary injection temperature is 180~220℃.

  5. TPE/TPR coated PA, the recommended secondary injection temperature is 240~270℃.

  6. TPR coated PS (HIPS, GPPS), the recommended secondary injection temperature 160~190℃.

  7. High strength and high elasticity TPE, TPR, the recommended injection temperature 210~250℃.

  8. General injection TPE/TPR (based on SEBS), recommended injection temperature 180~200℃.

  The reference injection temperature is different for TPE and TPR materials with different blending systems. The specific temperature is adjusted according to the grade provided by the TPE manufacturer and the actual processing situation.

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