TPE/TPR plastic material processing knowledge

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TPE/TPR plastic material processing knowledge

 TPE/TPR processing small knowledge

  TPE, TPR in storage will absorb moisture in the air, it is generally recommended to dry, raw materials can be blast heated hopper, baked at 70-80 degrees for 2 - 4 hours. Materials bonded with ABS, AS, PS, PC, PA, etc. need to be pre-baked at 90-100 degrees for 2-4 hours.

  Mold temperature: SBS system: 10 --- 40 degrees; SEBS system: 35 --- 65 degrees.

  Injection speed.

  SBS system: medium injection speed is preferred.

  SEBS system: higher injection speed is appropriate.

  If the mold has sufficient exhaust system, there is no need to worry about trapped air even at high injection speed.

  Barrel cleaning.

  SBS system has good thermal stability and does not need to be cleaned up after each raw material interruption; SEBS system has better thermal stability and will not degrade even if parked for 2 hours at processing temperature.

  SBS system can be used PS to clean up the barrel; SEBS system is best to PE, PP to clean up the barrel.

  Coloring: TPE, TPR is relatively easy to color, but should choose the appropriate color powder or color masterbatch coloring.

  SBS system: color masterbatch with PS or EVA as the bottom is more suitable.

  SEBS system: color masterbatch with PE or PP as the base is more suitable.

  Note: Color masterbatch with PVC as the base should not be used.

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