Application of TPE/TPR thermoplastic elastomer in the market

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Application of TPE/TPR thermoplastic elastomer in the market

TPE/TPR thermoplastic elastomer flame retardant technology, high efficiency, high heat and light stability, low toxicity, low smoke, low corrosion, low impact on processing and mechanical properties, will not cause environmental pollution.


 TPE\TPR thermoplastic elastomer graft modification, improve the adhesion or solubility of polypropylene with metals, polar plastics, inorganic fillers.

  TPE\TPR thermoplastic elastomer blending modification, plastic blending modification refers to a resin mixed with one or more other resins (including plastic and rubber), so as to change the original resin properties of a modification method. Blends of plastics, also known as polymer alloys, is one of the most effective way to develop new polymer materials, but also the main way to achieve high performance and refinement of existing plastic varieties.

  Thermoplastic elastomer TPR/TPE in light industrial applications: hand tools, power tools, anti-drug mask, casters, non-slip stirrups, pliers handle, a variety of racket grip, bicycle, motorcycle grip, luggage suitcase grip, cutlery grip, knife handle, flashlight grip, camera, digital camera grip, ammonium button, remote control button, computer keyboard, wire connectors, plugs, electric razor grip cover rubber, audio and speaker elastic accessories

  Thermoplastic elastomer TPR/TPE in daily necessities: dishwasher, washing machine, clothes dryer, vacuum cleaner and other home appliances rubber gasket or parts, handle set, toothbrush handle, bellows, telescope, soft toys, high transparent alternative silicone pacifier, spoon, shower elastic parts, sanitary ware series, soft tablecloth, curtain, gift box, refrigerator box, non-slip mat, rubber floor mop, glass scraper Rubber edge food, beverage, cosmetic, sanitary and medical packaging scissors, toothbrushes, power tools, sports equipment grips or parts kitchen tools, storage containers lids or seals hand tools, power tools, weed whackers and gardening equipment wheels, grips, buzzers, tubing, belts, joints and soft parts for children's toys wire, cable sleeves, connectors and outer layers

  Thermoplastic elastomer TPR/TPE in automotive parts applications: parts in the hood, such as clean air ducts, fuel line sheathing, control air box, isokinetic universal joint (CVJ) and oil filter seals. Body and suspension sheathing, such as weatherseals, wrap-around window seals, and lightweight sealing materials. Interior parts, such as airbag covers, front seat control panel skins

  Thermoplastic elastomer TPR/TPE in the application of sports and cultural goods: pen set rubber parts, diving equipment, mouse ball, chest protector, tooth guard, (golf, ski poles) rubber shaft, (tug) hose, knee pads, masks, frog goggles, frog shoes, swimming goggles, diving masks, ski goggles and goggle straps, grip, treadmill belt, ping pong paddle rubber, skate shock absorbers

  Thermoplastic elastomer TPR/TPE in medical devices: medical saline bottle stopper, disposable syringe rubber stopper, ear wash ball, plasma bag, infusion bag, surgical gloves, medical protective clothing, medical hygiene rubber material, extruded hose, elastic suction ball, container, girdle Injection needle stopper, intravenous tube assembly with medicine bottle stopper, milk bottle nozzle, pacifier, cardiac shock device, EKG, cable sleeve for ECG monitor, laser surgical pen.

  Thermoplastic elastomer TPR/TPE in the automotive industry: dust cover, sealing strip, exhaust gas purge tube, fender, airbag, audio damping ring, dashboard, bumper cover, steering wheel elastic grip, elastic soft seat cushion, elastic rubber strip, fender, footrest pad, spotlight cover rubber

  Thermoplastic elastomer TPR/TPE in the construction industry: glass curtain wall, doors, and skylights with seals and seals decorative rolls, decorative strips, alternative PVC materials, buildings, roads, bridges with expansion joints

  Thermoplastic elastomer TPR/TPE in the electrical packaging industry: high-voltage electrical connections, insulated wire and cable and sheathing, electronic components anti-static strips, composite pipe fittings, conductive pipe fittings.

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