TPE.TPR material application field prospect analysis

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TPE.TPR material application field prospect analysis

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  • Time of issue:2021-11-02
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Thermoplastic elastomer TPR/TPE is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe, with a wide range of hardness, excellent softness to the touch, excellent colorability, weatherability, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance, low specific gravity, superior processing performance, no vulcanization, and recyclability; thermoplastic elastomer TPR/TPE reduces product costs, replaces rubber, soft PVC and some silicone rubber; thermoplastic elastomer TPR/TPE can be both TPR/TPE can be molded in secondary injection molding, with PP, PS, PE, PC, PA, ABS and other substrate materials, and can also be molded separately.


TPR/TPE main applications and their prospects.

  Application of thermoplastic elastomer TPR/TPE in the footwear industry: The soles made of SBS instead of vulcanized rubber and PVC have good elasticity (small force or residual deformation), beautiful colors, good resistance to wet slippage, breathability, wear resistance, low temperature and flex resistance, no odor to the feet, comfortable wearing and other advantages, and high friction coefficient on asphalt pavement, wet and snowy pavement. Waste SBS soles can be recycled and reused, and the cost is moderate. The sole style can be translucent cowrie sole or brightly colored two-color sole, and can also be made into a foam sole. These excellent properties of SBS make it very widely used in the shoe industry. China is the world's largest footwear producer and the largest consumer market for footwear products, and the footwear market will remain the main target market for domestic SBS for quite some time to come. After China's accession to WTO, the export quota for footwear will be abolished and the export advantages will be more fully exploited. In order to eliminate the imbalance between the development of the eastern and western regions, the country has started to increase its investment in the western region to accelerate its economic development. In the coming years, as the western economy takes off and people's living standards increasingly improve, the demand for shoes made of TPR (SBS shoe pellets) will rise year by year.

  Thermoplastic elastomer TPR / TPE in the asphalt modification applications: SBS in the asphalt modification applications include waterproofing membrane asphalt modification and road asphalt modification in two areas. Modified with SBS asphalt waterproofing roll-roofing with good low-temperature flexing, self-healing ability and durability, resistance to high-temperature flow, aging resistance, good thermal stability and impact resistance, etc., can greatly improve the performance of waterproofing roll-roofing, extend its service life, can meet the needs of important buildings and structures. In including bridge decks (concrete), subways and underground channels and other municipal projects, as well as including pools, drains and other water conservancy projects have been widely used. At present, China has a lot of modified asphalt waterproofing roll-roofing manufacturers, which introduced into production a total of 15 modified asphalt waterproofing roll-roofing production lines, the domestic development of more than 50 production lines, with a total production capacity of about 140 million m2 / year, the actual consumption of SBS in 2003 about 63,700 tons. With China's infrastructure construction of a large number of inputs and construction to speed up, China's modified asphalt has good prospects for development, accordingly the demand for SBS will grow. It is expected that by 2008 in the field of modified asphalt SBS consumption will reach 112,000 tons, with an average annual growth rate of about 12% from 2003 to 2008.

  Thermoplastic elastomer TPR / TPE in polymer modification applications: SBS is a better resin modifier, can be blended with PP, PE, PS, ABS and other resins to improve the impact resistance and flexural properties of products, these products are mostly used in electrical components, automotive steering wheels, bumpers, seals, etc.. Compared with foreign developed countries and regions, China's polymer modification industry is still in its infancy. 2003 China's consumption of SBS in polymer modification was about 16,500 tons. With the development of China's automobile industry and home appliance industry, consumers will gradually improve the comfort, safety, durability and other performance requirements of goods, coupled with the rapid development of China's synthetic resin industry, the domestic polymer modification industry will flourish. It is expected that by 2003-2008, the domestic application of SBS products in polymer modification will grow rapidly at a rate of more than 20%, reaching a level of 45,000 tons by 2008.

  Application of thermoplastic elastomer TPR/TPE in adhesives: Because SBS has good solubility in hydrocarbon solvents, fast dissolution, good stability, strong cohesion, avoiding the use of aromatic hydrocarbon solvents on human health hazards. In addition, SBS adhesives have good elasticity, adhesive strength and low temperature performance, low viscosity, creep resistance is better than the general EVA class, acrylic adhesives, in the life of a wide range of applications. It can be used in the production of shoe adhesives, metallurgical powder molding agents, laminating adhesives, wood fast drying adhesive, labels, adhesive tape, disposable hygiene products with adhesive, lamination adhesive, sealant and for hooks, electronic components and general strong adhesive, universal adhesive and self-adhesive, etc. In 2003, China's adhesive industry actually consumed about 43,700 tons of SBS. The demand is expected to reach 87,000 tons by 2008, with an average annual growth rate of about 14.7% from 2003 to 2008.

  Thermoplastic elastomer TPR/TPE in other areas of application: SBS can also be used as the main raw material for toys, furniture and sports equipment; as flooring materials, automotive seat cushion materials, carpet underlay and sound insulation materials, as well as wire and cable sheathing. In addition, SBS can also be used in cement processing, automobile manufacturing and house interior decoration, as well as the manufacture of various hoses for bright oil, medical devices, household appliances, tubing, and wire and cable, etc. In 2003, the domestic consumption of SBS in other areas was about 13,100 tons. It is expected to reach 50,000 tons by 2008, with an average annual growth rate of more than 30%.

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