Application areas of TPE-SEBS environmental protection materials

  • Time of issue:2023-04-15
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Application areas of TPE-SEBS environmental protection materials

  1、Applications for home appliances: washing machine filter seal, dryer roller wheel, sink cover and door of dishwasher, paneling, seal of refrigerator, air conditioner, garbage disposal, ice machine seal, vacuum cleaner (upright and portable) after the dirt cover and seal and pulley, iron wire bending sheath and grip, blender grip, food processor, coffee machine, toaster, detergent compartment Seals, appliance feet, refrigerator compressor fixed standoffs, dryer door seals, drainage pipe connectors.

  2、Medical equipment: medical catheters, infusion tubes, blood bags, mask straps, eye and nose gaskets, ear plugs, bottle plugs, suction balls, rice plugs, wheelchair wheels, stretcher wheels and other medical equipment handles.

  3、Shoe material: high hardness midsole, transparent shoe material, pulling shoe material, toe, heel.

  4、Automotive materials: central lock, instrument panel, car carpet, steering wheel protection layer, spark plug cover, projector lamp cover, door and window gaskets, lamp cover waterproof gasket, car fender, sound-absorbing panel, automobile and motorcycle pedal, motorcycle handlebar, automobile rescue line.

  5, toys category: soft baby toys, toy guns, amusement instruments, remote control toys, remote control toy car disk, lucky box, wind-up toys toys.

  6, sporting goods category: frog shoes, headband, skates, brake head, sports knee pads, chest expansion bars, bicycle handle, golf club handle, badminton, tennis racket handle and other sports equipment handle.

  7, household goods category: door and window sealing view pad, tea mat, bathroom non-slip pad, commode, toilet, water felling, water pipe, backpack, handbag base, foot pedal, knife handle, comb handle, windsock handle, electric molten head handle, scissor handle, toothbrush handle, garden tool handle, jelly wax, eraser, tape measure set, paint handle, baby tea cup.

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