TPE 80 degree(A) material characteristics and application introduction

  • Time of issue:2023-04-15
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TPE 80 degree(A) material characteristics and application introduction

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  • Time of issue:2023-04-15
  • Views:752

  I. Basic characteristics:

  TPE80A, also known as TPE80 degree. TPE80A is a polymer alloy material based on SEBS thermoplastic elastomer blended and modified by TPE manufacturers. The appearance is translucent or white granules, specific gravity 0.9~1.4, shrinkage rate 1.4~1.7%.

  II. Category division:

  1. By molding method

  A. Single material injection molding

  The plastic material is processed and molded by common injection molding machine. Headphone plug is the common application case, but its physical properties can be deployed to more industries and products.

  B. Overmolding (secondary injection molding of overmolding)

  As mentioned above, TPE80A can be blended with a wide range of grades. The overmolding property of TPE provides more room for imagination and design for a wide range of applications.

  C. Extrusion molding

  Plastisol TPE80A is available in a variety of grades for extrusion molding. These extrusion applications (products) include sealing strips, profile strips, hoses, headphone cables, data cables, etc.

  2. By flame retardant properties

  A. Conventional grade

  More than 90% of TPEs are conventional non-flame retardant. This is mainly determined by the application areas of TPE, most of the application industries have no requirement for the flame retardancy of TPE materials. Conventional TPE80A rubber can reach the flame retardant level.

  B. Flame retardant grade

  Our company provides TPE80A flame retardant adhesive material, which is mainly used for outer wire and plug, as well as some other electronic products accessories with flame retardant requirements.

  III. Forming temperature

  Extrusion temperature 160~180℃, injection temperature 180~200℃. The setting of each extrusion/injection section is adjusted as appropriate, generally the barrel entrance is the lowest, and the temperature of the injection section is slightly lower than the plasticizing section. Different grades of TPE, molding temperature varies, specific molding temperature, should be confirmed with the supplier communication.


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