TPEE toughening modification of various plastics

  • Time of issue:2023-04-15
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TPEE toughening modification of various plastics

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  • Time of issue:2023-04-15
  • Views:220

TPEE has the elasticity of rubber and the strength of engineering plastics, but also has good flexibility, high melt stability, low melt viscosity, can be used to improve other plastics high and low temperature impact strength (toughness), flexibility and blending system compatibility, but also can provide some flexibility. As TPEE contains ester bonds, polar polymers, thus TPEE can be used to modify polar POM, PBT, PET, etc., can also be blended with PVC, and PP, polyacetal and CO-olefin alternating copolymers, or blended with other elastomers, etc., used to improve the impact toughness of these products::

  1, TPEE modified POM, TPEE and POM compatibility, melting point is close, easy to process, add 3-5%, you can get good toughness, TPEE can also be used to do high requirements of POM, the use of TPEE modified polyacetal products have good toughness. Can be used to make silencing gears, automotive parts, etc.;

  2, TPEE modified PBT/PET/PA, TPEE and PBT/PET/PA, etc. have good compatibility, melting point is close, easy to process, modified products for high requirements of the environment, such as TPEE and PBT in the blend to add chain extender, the effect will be better;;

  3, TPEE modified PVC, TPEE and PVC compatibility, after adding TPEE, significantly improved the low-temperature flexibility of PVC, significantly improved its flexural resistance, reduce the brittleness point; improved wear resistance, tensile strength, elongation, hardness and tear strength. TPEE content rises, the brittleness temperature and heat deformation at high temperatures followed by a reduction in mechanical properties such as modulus, tearing Elongation, hardness, abrasion resistance, tear strength, tensile strength, dynamic modulus and impact strength, etc. are then increased. When the TPEE content is 75%, TPEE dispersed in the PVC continuous phase; TPEE content of 85%, the morphology of the blend is two-phase continuous, with two crystalline phases, a glass transition temperature.

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