TPE 60 degree adhesive material characteristics and applications

  • Time of issue:2023-04-15
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TPE 60 degree adhesive material characteristics and applications

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  • Time of issue:2023-04-15
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  TPE 60 degree rubber is a special engineering plastic modified by blending SEBS rubber with other components, which has the elasticity and wear resistance of rubber and the thermoplasticity of plastic, and can be easily injected, extruded, blow molded and saliva molded. Material hardness range ShoreA0~100 degrees, of which 60 degrees (60A) is very common material use applications. Its application can be divided into three categories, TPE soft rubber material in the process of blending modification does not introduce toxic components, is environmentally friendly materials. No halogen, no NP, no PAHs, no phthalates (16P, 6P). Comply with ROHS, REACH, EN71, ASTMF963 environmental testing standards.

  1、Handle handle rubber cover.

  Because the human hand skin hardness at about 55 degrees, the TPE material hardness is adjusted to 60 degrees, and human skin hardness is very close. In human contact with TPE material, the material feels most comfortable and smooth to the touch. Therefore, most of the handle grip products, more than the hardness of 60 degrees of TPE soft rubber material. Such as power tools, electric drill handle (usually TPE coated PC, there are also coated nylon), game machine handle (usually coated ABS), high-end brand mouse (usually coated ABS), cell phone shell (usually coated PC hard rubber, hardness 60 ~ 65 degrees) and so on. The appearance of TPE 60 degree soft rubber material for handle wrapping is transparent or this color granule, specific gravity 1.07~1.25.

  2、Environmental protection eraser raw materials

  In addition to the above-mentioned handle handle wrapping rubber, toys or stationery with eraser soft rubber material, usually also use about 60 degrees of hardness. 60 degrees of eraser material, users feel comfortable in the hand, not hard, while having 60 degrees of hardness appropriate strength, the material is not too soft to affect the wiping effect. The appearance of such 60 degrees eraser material for the original color particles, specific gravity 1.3 ~ 1.4.

  3、Other applications

  Other products need to be specified with 60 degree hardness of TPE raw materials.




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