TPE/TPV will be a major boost to the automotive industry

  • Time of issue:2023-02-10
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TPE/TPV will be a major boost to the automotive industry

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  • Time of issue:2023-02-10
  • Views:619

  In the summer heat, many car owners like to put down the seat in the afternoon, open the air conditioning, put a soothing tune, enjoy a moment of rest and leisure. But, have you ever thought about who benefits from such a comfortable environment?

  In addition to the car cooling, music system to give, there is a car parts play a vital role - seals. As one of the important parts of the car, seals have an important role in waterproof, sealing, sound insulation, dustproof, anti-freeze, shock absorption, warmth and energy saving. Our protagonist today, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) with a wide range of categories, excellent performance is in the field of such automotive parts "big show".

  Take TPV as an example: high molecular weight TPV has good friction resistance and can be used as the extrusion material for automotive glass guide seals, and also as the corner material for automotive rubber seals without burrs. In addition, TPV can be processed by various means (such as extrusion, injection molding, etc.) to meet the requirements of different products, and is therefore well received by automobile manufacturers.

  With the development of automobiles to high performance (high speed, safety, comfort, energy saving, environmental protection), long life and light weight, the call for replacing traditional thermosetting vulcanized rubber with renewable TPV for automotive parts, especially sealing system and engine system, is also increasing.

  According to "Asia Plastics and Rubber" magazine, in the next five years, automotive weathering parts will all be produced using TPV materials, which is expected to grow by 15% to 20%. This shows that TPV will have a significant role in promoting the automotive industry.


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