TPE|Can TPR be wrapped with adhesive metal?

  • Time of issue:2023-02-10
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TPE|Can TPR be wrapped with adhesive metal?

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  • Time of issue:2023-02-10
  • Views:202

  Can TPE|TPR be used to cover metal?

  Aluminum, stainless steel and other metals cannot be directly covered with TPE. This is different from TPE|TPR overmolded plastic. However, with the increasing application of TPE, more and more products need to use TPE to cover metal. How to wrap the glue, there are two ways.

  First, the direct "wrapping".

  That is, TPE direct injection coating on the metal surface, without the help of any third medium. But the realization of this type of wrapping, and metal parts need to wrap the structure of the location and the hardness of the TPE has a greater relationship. Metal parts using the whole package, or metal parts wrapping structure has a lot of curvature, or there are holes, etc., will strengthen the solidity of TPE wrapped metal parts; In addition, the higher the hardness of the TPE material, will make the TPE and metal bonding surface more tight and solid.

  Second, with the help of binder coating

  In fact, more metal cladding, is the use of local cladding. In order to ensure the solidity of the bonding, it is necessary to use the binder to achieve. The specific bonding process is: first of all, the surface of the metal parts to do treatment, clean the surface of the dust and oil; next, choose the appropriate binder, applied to the surface of the metal parts; to dry the binder on the surface of the metal parts, and then the metal parts fixed to the mold, TPE injection into the surface of the metal parts to complete the bonding package.

  Analysis: If the binder is still in liquid form, it will be placed in the mold for injection, and then the binder will be cleaned off from the surface of the metal parts. The binder becomes dry, but still has to be sticky when molding at high temperature, solvent volatile binder is not OK, need to evaluate the choice of suitable binder. However, this needs to be done according to the TPE material characteristics to make the corresponding binder selection.

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