TPE/TPR for bicycle handlebar cover production

  • Time of issue:2022-11-18
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TPE/TPR for bicycle handlebar cover production

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  • Time of issue:2022-11-18
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  Bicycle and motorcycle handles, usually using a soft rubber material handlebar cover, this soft material handlebar cover has a soft feel, non-slip effect. This kind of soft material, the most common is soft PVC and rubber.

  Soft PVC cost is relatively low, has a good elasticity and feel, but PVC for handlebar, mainly has two defects, one is the low temperature resistance is poor, the temperature in -10 ~ -5 ℃, PVC easy to harden and gradually lose elasticity and feel; Second, most of the PVC toxic, containing halogen and toxic plasticizer phthalate, difficult to be competent in some high-end motorcycle bicycle handlebar cover.

  Rubber handlebar cover has better mechanical strength and wear resistance, long service life. However, rubber needs to be vulcanized, the production cycle is long, and the material is difficult to recycle, which is also a headache for users.

  The development of thermoplastic rubber elastomer TPR/TPE in recent years can be described as a rapid development, in various industries have repeatedly played a role in the rubber and plastic industry attention. Its many advantages, making it an alternative to the traditional PVC and rubber, it can be easily applied to a variety of bicycle and motorcycle handlebar cover.

  TPE and TPR are thermoplastic materials, which can be injection molded quickly without vulcanization, and the production cycle is calculated in seconds instead of minutes for rubber.

  Advantage 2: Environmentally friendly material. Compared with vulcanized rubber materials, TPE/TPR can be 100% recycled and reused, reflecting the harmony to the environment.

  Advantage 3: Excellent low temperature resistance. Compared with PVC, TPE/TPR can maintain its elasticity at -50℃ and still have excellent elasticity and soft touch.

  Advantage 4: thermoplastic rubber TPE/TPR does not contain halogen, does not contain toxic o-phenyl plasticizers, does not contain heavy metals, etc., is an excellent environmental protection materials.

  The following are some of the main types of thermoplastic rubber TPE/TPR used as bicycle and motorcycle handlebars.

  One kind of TPE is used for all materials, single material injection molding, hardness depends on customer requirements;

  One kind is TPR and hard plastic compound injection molding (adhesive coating), hard plastic is usually PP, ABS or PA nylon;

  There is also a more high-end bicycle handlebar cover, the use of soft TPR (such as 15 ~ 30 degrees) with hard TPR (hardness in 75 ~ 90A), soft and hard TPR material is usually used in two colors.


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