What should I do if the TPE/TPR material has no luster?

  • Time of issue:2022-10-31
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What should I do if the TPE/TPR material has no luster?

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  • Time of issue:2022-10-31
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  TPE/TPR is a thermoplastic elastomer, in the injection molding process there may be products without luster and other situations, then TPE/TPR injection molding products if the surface is dull, or luster, color uneven this phenomenon, how should we find the cause and what are the solutions? Plastic Bo summarizes the nine causes and solutions, I hope to help you: 1.

  1, in the injection molding process, the injection speed is too fast, TPE material retention time is too long will also lead to cause the product surface gloss decline

  Solution: The injection speed should be reduced, TPE/TPR material to reduce the retention time.

  2, TPE material thermal stability is poor, thermal decomposition

  Solution to the problem: should be selected plastic Bo TPE material, good thermal stability, good gloss or add heat stabilizer in the material.

  3, the barrel temperature is low, the nozzle temperature is too low will also lead to a decline in the surface gloss of the product

  Problem solution: The nozzle temperature should be raised and the melt temperature should be increased.

  4, mold temperature is too low, the cooling rate is too fast, when the melt is still filling the mold, a hard shell is formed on the cavity wall, the shell layer is subject to various forces, making it white and muddy, reducing the surface gloss of the product

  Solution: The surface temperature of the mold should be increased, reduce the cooling rate or use local heating at the mold gate and other measures.

  5、The surface finish of the mold is poor, so that the surface of the product is not glossy

  Solution: You should choose carbon tool steel and polish the surface of the mold carefully to improve the surface finish of the mold.

  6、The use of excessive amount of mold release agent will also make the surface of the products with such defects

  Solution: You should try not to use or use a small amount of release agent, and apply it evenly.

  7, plasticization back pressure is too small will make the material plasticized unevenly, the material and coloring agent mixed poorly resulting in the product surface color is not uniform.

  Solution: The back pressure should be increased appropriately.

  8, TPE / TPR materials mixed with impurities, not dry will also make the product surface gloss decreased

  Solution: We should remove impurities and dry the material fully, and add hopper dryer if necessary.

  9, runner, gate size is too small, poor exhaust will also cause the product surface gloss is not good

  Solution: We should increase the size of runners and gates, and set up more exhaust slots.



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