How to distinguish the raw materials of TPE, TPV, PVC and EPDM sealing strips

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How to distinguish the raw materials of TPE, TPV, PVC and EPDM sealing strips

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  At present, the existence of seals on the market are TPE, TPV, PVC, EPDM rubber and other materials, some customers can not identify the seal is made of what material, today to talk about the common seal material distinction method.

  A, burning method (can distinguish between thermoplastic body and rubber type of adhesive strip).

  1.TPE thermoplastic elastomer seal: surface matte, molten drawing phenomenon, in the water slowly sink.

  2. TPV thermoplastic vulcanized rubber: matte surface, molten drawing phenomenon, floating in the water or suspended state.

  3. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) type seal has the characteristic of extinguishing when it leaves the fire, and there is black smoke and irritating odor with it.

  4. EPDM rubber sealing strip into ash after burning, can not be drawn. The ash is white, will be extinguished in the white paper friction is still white for silicone rubber; ash is black, will be extinguished in the white paper friction is black for EPDM or neoprene; ash is black, extinguished at the touch of a sticky feel for natural rubber.

  Second, smell the odor

  Smell with your nose whether there is an odor, normal PVC material has a little mellow, or almost no odor, and some low-quality products using inferior raw materials processing, natural performance is poor.

  Third, measure the tension

  Relatively speaking, as a sealant material should have a certain tensile strength, the standard requirements: tensile strength ≥ 5Mpa. the higher the amount of rubber in the same material, the better the tensile strength, generally speaking, the service life will be relatively long, the sealing effect will be better.

  Fourth, the seal as tightly as possible wrapped in the profile, placed in high temperature for a period of time (placed on the roof or sunny place), to see whether the surface of the profile and the contact surface of the seal is stained discoloration, whether the surface of the seal dust yellowing (oil is easy to absorb soil) oil seepage, whether stained hands dirty hands.

  Tip: In the market there are some table light matte, feel heavy, the price is relatively cheap sealant filler will be a lot, the quality of these seals is poor, easy to aging cracking, not worth buying.

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