How to quote the price of TPE,TPR raw materials to retain customers?

  • Time of issue:2022-09-21
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How to quote the price of TPE,TPR raw materials to retain customers?

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  • Time of issue:2022-09-21
  • Views:995

  Now we TPE, TPR raw materials industry can successfully develop to new customers are not easy, when a customer comes we must grasp the opportunity, the first thing customers understand is the price, here I want to say is that you understand your customers, what they really want to do, want to solve what kind of problem you know. Do your customers understand you? In the case of both sides do not understand you give people a price what is the use of it?

  On the Internet than you offer too much lower, you simply do not have the opportunity?

  Give you a joke from which you can get a lot of inspiration:

  A guy was chasing a female classmate, who gave him an ultimatum; "If you don't have an Audi A6 and a two-story villa to satisfy me, don't bother me." He laughed bitterly. He went home to discuss with his mother and father and seek their advice. Father in a cigarette, sighed and said: "The car is good to do, the family Rolls-Royce sold to buy a few Audi is not a problem, but the two-story villa, we can not be the five-story building stripped off three floors, so it would be too academic waste. You and her or forget it, there is no need to chase her our family to demolish the house." You see, this is what happens when you don't know each other and you make a wild offer.

  As each of us in the salesman training camp, the first is to first screen customers, first to position their customers, those apples are mine, those apples are not what I want, through understanding to figure out, we will take a lot less detours, save a lot of costs, we do not need to spend time and energy on those customers who simply do not need our products and services, our energy and strength is limited, we can only serve our real customers well, so that the lowest cost, our products can also reflect the proper value.

  After understanding the customer well, we have to let the customer to understand us, only when they understand will they make a choice and will buy. So we should put our company profile, product details, customer testimonials and our sales policy are written in the quote, and finally attached to the price, so that customers can see to compare with other rivals, reflecting our advantages to know why the price, and finally will deal with us.

  Classically in the sales process, customers do not buy or too high prices are the original in not understanding, only to understand the choice will be made. Not only is this sales, many things in life are like this, do not understand do not talk.


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