Factors affecting the yellowing resistance of TPE, TPR transparent material white material

  • Time of issue:2022-08-26
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Factors affecting the yellowing resistance of TPE, TPR transparent material white material

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  • Time of issue:2022-08-26
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 TPE.TPR transparent material or light-colored material yellowing resistance of three main factors, one is the type and origin of the rubber base material, the second is the type of operating oil, the third is the addition of anti-UV agent.

  First of all, look at the rubber base material. First of all, TPE with SEBS as the base material has better yellowing resistance than TPR with SBS as the base material. This is because SEBS is the hydrogenation product of SBS thermoplastic rubber. According to the hydrogenation theory mentioned above, the yellowing resistance of TPE transparent material is better than the yellowing resistance of TPR transparent material.

  Then look at the type of operating oil, some poor quality operating oil, easy to cause TPE transparent material yellowing, so the operating oil manufacturer's production and processing process is very important. Operation of the production process to add antioxidants or anti-aging agent, can improve the yellowing resistance of the operating oil.

  For some transparent or white TPE products with high requirements of yellowing resistance, you can consider adding anti-UV agents in the TPE formulation to enhance the yellowing resistance of the material.

  Finally, about the hydrogenation degree of SEBS, in the industry mentioned such a view. The degree of hydrogenation of domestic SEBS is lower than that of imported SEBS, and Shibu agrees with this assertion. The transparency of TPEs obtained from SEBS (SEPS) of different origins is different. Compared to SEPS and SEBS, the rubber chain segment of SEPS is more crystalline and easier to obtain high transparency.

  SEPS, SEBS base material according to the origin of the impact on transparency, transparency from high to low as follows: Japan > United States > Taiwan > domestic. Therefore, for some adult products with extra soft and high transparency requirements, usually choose Japanese or American rubber base materials, but domestic well-known brands can also meet the requirements of the industry

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